Summer Camp Wedding Ideas for a Destination Wedding

Do you ever wish you could go back to the days of summer camp? When everything was fun and carefree, and filled with the possibility of adventure? So many of us have great sleepaway camp memories: sunny days spent with new friends, the smell of pine trees, swimming in a cool lake, crafts and tie-dye, s’mores by the campfire, and sitting out and looking at the stars. With all of that nostalgia, it’s no wonder that many couples are now looking at including summer camp wedding ideas in their big day, or going all out for a destination summer camp wedding.

It’s not just about the sentimental aspect either. A summer camp wedding includes many of the elements we all love about a destination wedding in general. For example, the opportunity to spend a whole weekend with close friends and family away from the stresses of daily life. Camping (or glamping!) also tends to create a private, intimate atmosphere, where bonds are strengthened and memories are made. Camps have the advantage of plenty of activities for everyone to get involved in. And, of course, there’s the chance to enjoy a beautiful setting. But how can you make your destination summer camp wedding extra special and personal? Here are 5 summer camp wedding ideas for you to try.

Create your own camp logo. Your invitation sets the tone for your whole wedding, so be sure to be on theme from the start. One of the best ways to do this is to have your designer create a custom camp logo and use it across all your wedding stationery and décor. You could also combine it with a fun invitation concept, like a hiking trail map or pennant-shaped invites.

Turn camping items into table décor. If you’re following a summer camp theme, then you’ll want your tables to reflect this. Think about elements like plaid blankets, lanterns, enamelware mugs, flags, and pennants. Combine these with natural textures like stone place names or wooden rounds instead of charger plates. Then counter these rustic elements with more luxurious ones like fine china and glassware and you’ll have an elegant, on-theme look.

Set up a canoe bar. Instead of a standard bar, why not use an old canoe filled with ice as a place for guests to grab their drinks during cocktail hour?

Create camp-themed welcome bags. A great welcome bag is another way to set the tone for the weekend to come. (And, of course, they’ll also provide guests with useful items!) A few years ago, I attended the Engage! summit in Banff, Canada, which had camp-themed welcome bags. These included locally-sourced bath products, which were a special touch. Other ideas include a canteen, a deck of cards, bug spray, a poncho, and trail mix. Including a postcard to send ‘home’ (pre-addressed to you) is also a great on-theme guest book alternative!

Set up a s’mores station. Any good summer camp wedding HAS to include a fire pit and s’mores! Set up a special station with a variety of cracker, chocolate, and mallow options so guests can create their own gourmet (or just classic!) s’more. Yum!

Ready to get started planning your own destination summer camp wedding? Be sure to check out this wedding and this rehearsal dinner from our gallery for more ideas.


Image by Amy and Stuart Photography