Thoughtful Bridesmaid Gifts for Your Gals

Selecting a group of gals to surround you on your wedding day is a special honor, forever an event and a relationship to be cherished. A perfect way to celebrate your bond is a thoughtful bridesmaid gift! These are your bridesmaids. Perhaps you’re childhood friends, related, college roommates, or simply best friend soulmates. Being a bridesmaid, no matter how delighted to do so, carries weight and responsibility that requires a certain level of commitment. You as a bride strive to make sure your maids and matrons feel appreciated and valued.

A monogrammed clutch.

This would be ideal for storing phones, touch-up makeup, and the necessities. A monogrammed clutch is the perfect way for your bridesmaids to carry their must-haves on the big day. As well as have a gift that translates seamlessly to life after the wedding. I love the Beaded Foldover Crossbody from Mark & Graham. The monogramming is available in different styles that are sure to match each of your bridesmaid’s tastes and the gold chain can be tucked for added versatility. These embroidered clutches come in a collection of colors making your gift-giving skills top-notch.

A collection of shared memories. 

If you are the sentimental type, a collection of experiences you’ve shared will surely pull a few heartstrings. By all means, please don’t cry after hair and makeup. In the era of digital everything, don’t underestimate the power of a printed photo or two. Up the ante and select a frame that makes you think of your BFF with this thoughtful bridesmaid gift.

Something cozy. 

Consider making your gals as comfortable as possible with something soft and personalized. I love a chic, fuzzy slide or matching robe. It’s a fun way to keep everyone looking cohesive and make them feel the love during all of the hustle and bustle of the day. Consequently, I suggest any getting-ready clothing has front closure buttons so as to not disturb hair and makeup. How’s that for a thoughtful bridesmaid gift?

Something classic. 

Personalized stationery may feel more traditional, but the thoughtful act of a handwritten note still goes a long way. Keep the tradition alive by writing your own thank-you note and gift your bridesmaid with her very own set. Your gals will feel touched knowing the time you took to sit down and pour your gratitude onto paper. Besides, perhaps they’ll feel inspired to write their own notes more regularly, too! Not to mention, you can order for yourself as registry gifts make their way to you.

A signature scent. 

I love the way a scent transports you to another moment in time. For me, it’s a signature perfume or the way cinnamon rolls smell on Christmas morning. I specifically love my fragranced candles that will come to remind your bridesmaids of the thoughtful role they played on your wedding day. Every time they catch a whiff of black currant or smokey musk, they’ll fondly recall your special day and the laughs you shared together.

While gifting is not necessary, it is a nice gesture. The experiences shared truly gift enough! For more thoughtful bridesmaid gifts browse here.



Image by John & Joseph