5 Alternative Winter Wedding Color Palettes

Calling all winter brides and grooms! Winter is an incredible time for weddings, especially from a design perspective. There’s so much to work with! Natural textures, jewel tones, crisp snowy whites. December, January, and February may be the less popular months for nuptials, but that doesn’t make them any less special. And a beautiful winter wedding deserves one of the most beautiful winter wedding color palettes you can dream up. While there are classic combos like festive red and green, glamorous gold, or magical white-on-white, that doesn’t mean you can’t be seasonal while challenging expectations.

Here are five fresh and fabulous winter wedding color palettes to inspire you!

Winter sunshine. One of Pantone’s Colors of the Year for 2021 was Illuminating. It’s a bright yellow that at first glance may not seem like a natural choice for a winter wedding. But yellow isn’t just for summer! Combine this vibrant color with dark blue-gray, a pale dusty blue, and a touch of peach for a cheerful, unexpected take on winter wedding color palettes. Use the yellow sparingly in florals and patterned linens, for a bright pop that will cheer up even the coldest day.

Sage, gold, and dark gray. Green and gold are another timeless combination, especially around December. Instead of a forest green or deep emerald, try a softer sage or jade green. Then add a stormy gray to the mix. You’ll get the same clean-but-natural feel as the original, but with a bit of a fresh twist. Details like gray taper candles, marble platters, or stone-colored plates will add some moody grays to your table, while soft greenery provides an organic element, and gold flatware adds a touch of winter glam.

Mixed berries. Berry colors are a great choice for a winter wedding. They are rich and romantic and when combined can really make an impact! Shades like fuchsia, raspberry, mulberry, dusky rose, mauve, plum, scarlet, and burgundy create a tonal rainbow all together that’s oh-so pretty to see. For an extra moody touch, anchor these shades with matte black and a touch of gold. Texture is also important here – use rich fabrics like satin and velvet for all the plush winter vibes. And if there’s a groom, dress him and his guys in deep plum, burgundy, or mulberry suits or velvet jackets in a mix of berry shades.

Crimson, cinnamon, and blue. A bright red always pops beautifully at a winter wedding but you don’t have to mix it with green or gold. A spicy brown cinnamon shade is a great option along with a beautiful cool blue and maybe even a touch of terracotta or orange. This works especially well for rustic settings as it has so much warmth.

Winter brights. Why have one or two colors when you can have all the colors! A bouquet of bright shades isn’t just for the summer months but can really liven up a winter wedding too. For this New Year’s Eve wedding celebration, we did just that. The tables were an explosion of vibrant colors – reds, yellows, purples, blues, and greens with touches of gold and black to make them pop. It was a great way for the couple to ring in a new year and a new life together!

Which of these cool winter wedding color palettes is your favorite?


Image by Amy and Stuart Photography