So What Exactly is a Destination Wedding?

Hi friends! I’ve had an interesting question come up lately…what exactly is a destination wedding? Most people automatically think of a breezy island affair or a romantic ceremony on a Tuscan hillscape. While those are definitely destination weddings, the definition has widened a bit as couples get more creative and hold their weddings in places like Colorado, Montana and the like.

Plus with so many couples living somewhere other than where they actually grew up, it can be difficult to define a destination wedding. So, for me, I define a destination wedding as an event that meets these three criteria:

  • The bride and groom are planning the wedding long distance.
  • The events span a weekend or longer.
  • At least half of the guests have to travel to the location.

By these rules, it’s totally possible you’re having a destination wedding in Malibu or Los Angles if you’re living in, say, Connecticut. Interesting, right?

So why does this even matter? Well, destination weddings have their own set of considerations. You need to coordinate with vendors long distance, deal with lodging for your guests, plan an entire weekend’s worth of activities, follow a fairly different planning timeline, and so much more. Yes, it’s a lot of work but destination weddings are an entirely unique (and wonderful) experience for you and your guests.

Are you having a destination wedding?




Header image by Simone Photography (at a gorgeous wedding in Cabo!)