3 Tips if Your Dog is Your Ring Bearer

Hi friends! More and more couples these days are involving their furry friends in their big days. And why not? They’re family too! One of the most popular roles is dogs as ring bearers. It’s the cutest thing to see a little pooch walking down the aisle with a ring tied to his collar.

However, there are some logistics involved. If you decide to go this route, here are 3 tips I highly recommend you abide by:

  • Use a faux ring! Seriously, using the real deal is a disaster waiting to happen. Send your furry friend down the aisle with a decoy, and have the groom keep the real thing in his pocket.
  • The outfit is everything. Many couples choose to don their pup in a special outfit for the occasion. You can do a special tux, tulle veil, bowtie – the possibilities are endless…and adorable. Of course, if you have a dog that’s totally uncomfortable in clothing you may want to forego this.
  • Assign a pet handler. Make sure you assign on of your bridesmaids or groomsmen to be in charge of ferrying your pup down the aisle. They should also be in charge of pet sitting during the ceremony.

Another word of advice: always consider your dog’s temperament before incorporating him into your wedding. If he’s simply too energetic or hard to corral, you can always have him around for photo ops after the ceremony. If that’s too hard to navigate (you’ll need to arrange for pet care and transportation, after all) consider including your pooch in your engagement photos!




Header image by Jose Villa photography.