4 Easy Ways to Cut Wedding Food Costs

Hello friends! The menu is one of the main attractions at your wedding, but many times I see couples get carried away and realize they’re over budget. If you find yourself in this predicament, here are a couple simple ways to get those costs down:

  • Serve fewer courses. An appetizer course, an entrée and a dessert should do. No need for an elaborate five-course meal if your budget is tight.
  • Stay away from expensive meat entrees. Things like steak can usually get pricey, so feel free to opt for a chicken option instead.
  • Be flexible with ingredients. If you love a particular ingredient but it’s expensive or out of season, work with your caterer to find alternative and less expensive ways to incorporate it into the menu. For example, lamb stew or shepherd’s pie might be more economical than serving a rack of lamb.
  • Let them eat cake. Elaborate dessert buffets are all the rage these days, but you really can do without. Stick to wedding cake for your dessert. Simple, classic and delicious!

The most important thing is finding a caterer who can serve a delicious meal within your budget. Enjoy!




Header image by Elizabeth Messina