5 Benefits of a Long Engagement

The typical length for an engagement is approximately one year, with anything over eighteen months classifying as a long engagement. But now, with COVID-19 pressing pause on social gatherings, many couples are taking a step back from planning their weddings, and holding off longer than they may have originally thought. Have no fear, this may turn out to be a good thing in the end. Here are five reasons why a long engagement may be the best decision for you in the long run.

A long engagement is great for the budget. Having a longer lead time before the big day gives you (or whoever is paying for the wedding) more of an opportunity to budget and save. In addition, you won’t have to worry about rush fees on stationery or your wedding dress, for example.

You’ll have more time to get the wedding details just right. Having a long engagement gives you more time to get your wedding vision clear and find the perfect vendors and creative partners to make that vision a reality. All without wedding planning completely take over your life! One note of caution, however. With a longer engagement, you’re more likely to question and rethink some of your design decisions. Limit your time on Pinterest and try to remember why you chose the style you originally wanted!

You’ll get to know each other even better. No matter how long you’ve been together, you may not have spent a lot of time tackling the big questions. For example, will you have a prenup? Do you want children (and how many)? Where do you want to live? How will you handle the holidays? A long engagement gives you more of an opportunity to strengthen the foundation of your relationship before you take that next big step.

You can plan your dream honeymoon. A long engagement gives you plenty of time to plan (and pay for!) your dream honeymoon. Plus, spending time digitally scouting exotic locales and romantic journeys is a great way to spend some of your time together in lockdown.

More time to enjoy being engaged! Being engaged can rush past in a blur of planning and stress. But with a long engagement, you have time to really soak in this special time in your lives, and truly enjoy just being a fiancé(e). This is the only time you’ll get to bask in this phase of your life!

Of course, long engagements have challenges as well as benefits, but in times like these, it’s always worth focusing on the positive. So here’s to happy, healthy, long engagements!


Image by John and Joseph Photography