5 Fresh Spring 2022 Wedding Ideas

Spring has (almost) sprung! And, of course, it has me thinking all about spring weddings again. There’s something so special about weddings in this season of rebirth and renewal. The days get longer and warmer, the flowers bloom, and everything seems to come alive. Whether you love everything floral and pastel or not, if you’re planning a spring 2022 wedding or spring 2023 wedding, you should definitely look to the season for inspiration, even if it’s in small ways. Embrace flowers like tulips, garden roses, and daffodils in your arrangements. Introduce some fresh organic elements to your décor. Or simply make the most of being able to spend time outdoors. Whatever your style, here are five spring 2022 wedding ideas to inspire you!

Floral bridesmaid dresses. Yes, I know: “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” But floral motifs will always be classic for this season. This year, floral print bridesmaid dresses are having another moment, with organic-inspired designs incorporating spring elements like flowers, foliage, and butterflies. Instead of choosing one dress, pick a mix of fabrics with complementary colors and print sizes. Or, if you want something more modern, opt for floral print jumpsuits.

Bright color palettes. Pastels will always be a seasonal staple this time of year. But for spring 2022 weddings, couples are taking their color palettes up a notch and adding in vibrant, fluorescent brights like periwinkle, lemon, mango, and orchid. It’s all part of expressing celebration and joy as weddings finally take place after long engagements. And, as you know, I love being bold and playful with color!

Sustainable table designs. It’s all about what’s on (rather than above) the table this year. For eco-conscious couples, that means using more sustainable options. For example, potted plants, dried foliage and flowers, and even fruits and vegetables like apples, strawberries, and lemons. Re-usable designs that couples can take home will ensure that they have a life beyond your big day. Potted plants will also act as a special memento for your green-fingered friends!

Garden themes. If there’s one theme that’s dominating spring 2022 weddings, it’s the whole Bridgerton-English garden aesthetic. It’s all about laid-back elegance and romance, with indoor and outdoor spaces flowing into one another. Many couples are choosing their own backyard garden (or a friend’s) as their venue. Others are opting for venues with greenhouses or formal gardens. But you can really make the theme work anywhere. Think abundant florals, outdoor ceremonies, and garden-inspired details like vine-covered trellises and garden furniture.

Puff sleeves. Brides have been falling in love with wedding dresses with filmy, romantic puff sleeve details. They’re perfect for a spring 2022 wedding, with just the right amount of whimsy and coverage. Whether you go for a soft puff or something more dramatic, it’s the ideal look for the season.

I can’t wait to see all these spring 2022 wedding ideas come to fruition!


Image by John and Joseph Photography Inc.