5 Tips for Looking Picture Perfect on Your Wedding Day

Hi friends! What’s one of the top concerns for many of my brides? Looking good in pictures! I don’t blame them, those photos are memories that will last forever and it’s natural you want to ensure you look your best.

First thing’s first: no matter what, you will look and feel beautiful on your wedding day so try not to stress too much about this. Here are a few tips that might help translate that beauty to photos:

  • Use the right type of foundation. Talk to your makeup artist about using a light-reflecting foundation or one that will give your skin a soft, dewy look without the shine. If your skin is oily, opt for something oil free.
  • Powder it up. Dust powder on your T zone for that shine free finish. You can also continue the powder down to your neck and chest to prevent those lines of demarcation that often appear in photos.
  • Choose your lipstick wisely. Anything with brown undertones can appear flat in photos and extremely dark shades may dominate your look. Of course, a really pale shade will wash you out. Your makeup artist can guide you!
  • Chin up. Seriously, keep that chin up. It’s the most flattering angle for photos.
  • Stand up straight. Simple but so important. Your posture comes through in pictures!

The most important tip I can give you? Relax and smile!



Header image by Simone Photography