5 Wedding Registry Mistakes to Avoid

5-wedding-registry-mistakes-to-avoidIf you’re newly engaged, chances are it’s about time to register for your wedding gifts. Sounds simple enough, selecting gifts for guests to give you. It’s actually a bit more strategic than you think. My suggestion is to prepare yourself before you walk into a registry store and at all costs, do you best to stay clear of these 5 wedding registry mistakes to avoid.

1. Going shopping without an appointment.

Who needs an appointment to shop, right? Wrong. Often times department stores or home goods shops will have a dedicated registry expert on staff and they may not be there or available that day. Book an appointment before you go to ensure that the machines will be up and running, someone will be there to assist you and it’s not an off day for inventory.

2. Registering for too few gifts.

If you invite 150 guests to your wedding (approximately 75 invitations), then expect almost all 75 to send a gift. Then add in the number of bridal showers and engagement parties you may be having and that’s a lot of presents. Your guests will appreciate having plenty to choose from on your wedding registry so keep a count and add to it throughout the year if you need to. (Some guests will purchase more than one item as their gift.)

3. Not registering for enough variety.

Not all wedding guests have the same budget. Select a variety of price points so that all your guests can gift you something they feel good about. And if an item is extremely expensive, ask if the store offers group gifting so a handful of people can contribute towards the cost of it without ever having to coordinate with one another.

4. Selecting stores without a complete purchase program and online shopping.

Even if you opt for your favorite local china shop, be sure to select at least one store (ideally more) with online purchase and direct shipping options. Make it easy for your guests to get you gifts. This also makes it easier for you to shop (and find enough goods to register for). Then make it cost-effective for you to complete your registry when all the gifts have been purchased and select a store with an incentive program for you to buy any missing or incomplete items at a discount after your wedding day. You might find you’re a place setting short of forks and knives. It’s nice to purchase that at a discount.

Bonus: When inquiring about these policies, check the return policy too. Some family members may forget to buy off the registry and you’ll end up with two of the same item. Be sure you can return or exchange your gifts and look into what the exact policies are to do so. Don’t be afraid to select more than one store as well!

5. Skipping the heirlooms.

You might not use fine china every day (though you certainly can!). Whether or not you appreciate the finer home goods out there, it’s important to register for at least some of them. Starting your own family traditions, owning gifts to pass down to your children in the future and entertaining at the holidays may all be new experiences for you but something you’ll be glad you did and are prepared for when the time comes.

What will you be registering for and where? Start by skipping these 5 wedding registry mistakes to avoid and you’re off to a fun day of shopping ahead!