6 Tips to Write Your Vows


Are you getting close to your wedding date? That means it’s time to write your vows! This can be an easy task for some but for those who aren’t used to public speaking, the thought can be a little stressful.

Fear not – I’ve got a few ideas to make your vow writing a piece of cake!

1. Speak from the Heart. Nothing matters more than what’s in your heart. Start and end here and you can’t go wrong.

2. Keep it Short and Sweet. Less can sometimes be more if you’re concerned about speaking in front of a large audience. Don’t feel the need to tell a long story, recount every wonderful detail in your partner or relationship, simply focus of some of your favorite things and state what’s most important to you.

3. Focus on What You Love Most. Make a list of why you love your partner, your favorite things about your relationship and highlight some of those personal details. Just try to avoid anything too private or inside jokes that those around you won’t understand.

4. Talk to Your Partner Ahead of Time. Consider having a chat about what you both want to see in the vows portion of the ceremony. Agreeing on format, length, or any other detail may help balance the ceremony and keep you both feeling good about what to say or how long to say it for.

A minute or two is usually a good rule of thumb.

5. Consider Your Own Promises. If you know you want to promise something to your future spouse – say it in your vows! These can be deeply meaningful or playful too.

6. Practice Makes Perfect. They say the best public speakers are those who are prepared. Practice to help you overcome any jitters and keep a cheat sheet if you really must, hopefully more for security than having to read from it. You could even include your vows in a keepsake vows book that you give to your spouse after the wedding. This ensures you have a backup up there but it’s also pretty in pictures and something to save for a lifetime.

When it’s time to write your vows, be sure to communicate your plans with your officiant so there are no surprises. Remember to breath and have fun with it. There’s no right or wrong, so just savor the moment and your wedding day will be magic.



Image via Elmo Paperstories.