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7 Tips for Holiday Home Decor


Now that we’re getting so close to kicking off the winter holiday season, I have holiday parties and decor on the mind! I love this time of the year playing with holiday ideas at home and for clients. Plus, I enjoy so much getting to see how everyone else decorates.

Before you get started with the tinsel and garland, be sure to read some of my favorite tips for home holiday decor. You’ll have your own winter wonderland palace in no time!

Pick a style or theme. By coordinating the overall look, you’ll have a cohesive flow to deck the halls. For example, this could be vintage, glam, or rustic farm style. But also, feel free to get very specific like antique Newport mansion, warm and comfy, or candy cane disco for your holiday home decor theme.

Choose your color scheme. Beginning with a palette range like metallics or earth tones, or one solid color, you’ll bring your theme to life (I love jewel tones!). As well, an accent pattern helps to carry your design across spaces and nooks. Of course, buffalo check is trending for holiday decor, but I have full confidence you can make any pattern under the winter sun work!

Plan accent lighting. In addition to standard string lights, you may want to upgrade to some of the modern designs (or throwback!) options. LED lighting continues to offer more and more varieties. Either way, sync these with a timer or smart outlet to automatically turn on. I’m also a fan of remote-controlled candles that automatically turn off.

Holidays for pets. Likewise, your fur babies also get to join in the fun! In addition to endless ugly sweaters, also look to special holiday treats or beds to match your holiday home decor. You can even swap out their food bowls for extra holiday touches.

Swap out the year-round items. Chances are, extra clutter is coming. It’s okay to temporarily store your non-seasonal items for a few weeks. Along with kitchen towels, trade your throw blankets and couch pillow covers for a festive holiday touch.

Reinvent the classics. While we typically think of ornaments on a tree, I love to add them to place settings, centerpieces, or as a tray accent (and maybe the ceiling too!). In addition, wreaths look great inside and adding trinkets to lanterns sets the holiday mood. On the other hand, garlands don’t always have to be evergreen or oversized! Remember retro photos of popcorn on a string? Get crafty and have fun with your holiday home decor.

Add more. Finally, I love adding extra touches to already festive home holiday decor. For example, add miniature ornaments to your wreaths and garlands or small accent bows to items like the cookie jar or mailbox. Add a touch of glitter for more sparkle and give props extra style – like a scarf on a snowman with your coordinated accent print!

I hope you’re brewing with ideas and ready to start with your own creativity in holiday home decor!


Image by John & Joseph Photography