9 Tips on What To Wear to a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are all about sunshine, warmth, and the joy of celebrating love. As a guest, you want to look stylish and feel comfortable while adhering to the dress code specified by the couple. In 2023, wedding attire trends have shifted towards sustainability, versatility, and personal expression. I will guide you through the top tips for dressing appropriately and fashionably as a guest to decide what to wear to a summer wedding this year.

1. Decode the dress code

Start by thoroughly examining the wedding invitation for any dress code guidelines. Common summer wedding dress codes include casual, semi-formal, or formal. Keep in mind the venue, time of day, and the couple’s preferences when selecting your outfit.

2. Opt for breathable fabrics

Lightweight and breathable fabrics like linen, cotton, and chiffon are perfect choices for a summer wedding. They will keep you cool and comfortable while still looking elegant. Avoid heavy materials like velvet or satin to alleviate overheating.

3. Embrace color and prints

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with vibrant colors and eye-catching prints. Floral patterns, watercolor designs, and pastel shades are all on-trend for 2023. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your outfit, but remember to maintain a balance between style and sophistication.

4. Consider the venue

The wedding venue plays a significant role in determining the appropriate attire. For a beach wedding, opt for a breezy maxi dress, a lightweight suit, or even dressy sandals. On the other hand, a garden or vineyard wedding may call for a chic sundress or a tailored linen suit.

5. Dress comfortably

Comfort is key when attending a summer wedding. Opt for a looser fit or flowy dress to allow for air circulation, and choose shoes that you can comfortably dance in all night long. Wedges or block heels are stylish yet practical options for outdoor weddings where stilettos may sink into the grass.

6. Accessorize thoughtfully

Accessories can elevate your outfit and add a touch of personal style. Choose statement earrings or a bold necklace to complement a simple dress or opt for delicate jewelry for a more intricate outfit. Consider carrying a lightweight shawl or wrap to cover your shoulders during the ceremony or in case of cooler evenings or windy weather.

7. Keep it respectful

While it’s important to express your personal style, remember to respect the couple’s wishes and the sanctity of their special day. Avoid wearing white or any shade too similar to the bride’s dress. Additionally, steer clear of overly revealing outfits, as they may not be appropriate, make sure to keep these two things in mind when deciding what to wear to a summer wedding.

8. Be prepared for the elements when deciding what to wear to a summer wedding

Summer weddings often take place outdoors, so be prepared for the sun, wind, or even an unexpected rain shower. Bring sunglasses, a hat, or a parasol to protect yourself from the sun, and consider carrying a compact umbrella just in case.

9. Remember – Less is more

Summer weddings are all about effortless elegance. Avoid over-accessorizing or wearing overly complicated outfits. Instead, focus on a few key pieces that showcase your personal style and complement the wedding’s theme and atmosphere.

Being a well-dressed guest at a summer wedding in 2023 is all about finding the perfect balance between comfort, style, and respect for the couple’s wishes. By considering factors such as the dress code, venue, and current trends, you can confidently select an outfit that will suit your wants and needs as well as allow you to fully enjoy the wedding. Still worried about what to wear to how to be a great summer wedding guest? Check out my blog for additional tips & ideas on how to be comfortable and stylish.



Images by KT Merry