Top 10 Bridal Shower Gifts Any Bride Will Love

Bridal shower gifts are a great way to show how much you love and care for the bride you’re celebrating. Everything from personal gifts to more luxurious treats are within the list of potential gifts, and I’ve got a selection of all of the above for you!

The Perfect Wedding Organizer

With the bridal shower over, the next step for your bride is planning her big day. Whether it’s the new wedding organizer or the ultimate one, I have just what any bride needs to keep all of their important planning in order.

Bridal Robe

On the big day, a robe is a must. Every bride needs something comfortable to lounge in while preparing. And just think of the stunning photos if her robe matches the extravagance of her wedding day!

These getting ready robes from Girl and a Serious Dream are the perfect selection to choose from.

Luxury Bridal Basket

Although it may seem so, a bridal gift doesn’t need to be a solo item. Creating a personalized luxury bridal basket is a great way to gift the bride everything she’ll need. You can include luxury beauty and relaxation products, personalized his-and-hers items, and even a nice bottle of champagne.

Mindy Weiss MasterClass

Mindy Weiss Session by MasterClass 

This MasterClass course was designed to be completed in just 30 days. I packed more than 30 years of wedding planning experience into something that will help any bride through each step of the planning process. One of the best gifts you can give is the thoughtful gift of help and wisdom to make it to their wedding day!

Honeymoon Luggage

Is the bride you’re celebrating going on a destination honeymoon? If so, she needs sturdy luggage to take along. To make it more personal, find a nice luggage set that fits the style and aesthetic of the bride.

His & Hers

His & Hers items are a staple of newly engaged couple gifting. Take this gift one step further with a taste of luxury. This could be engraved crystal wine glasses, high-end couple’s robes, or even a set of His & Hers watches.

The Wedding Book

Also, a great gift to give your bride is the wisdom she’ll need to make planning her big day a breeze. I packed all of my planning experience into The Wedding Book, which will take you from getting engaged to getting to the altar!

Personalized Bridal Trunk 

Another meaningful gift to give is a personalized bridal trunk. Something elegant, stylized and engraved, where the bride can keep all of her wedding memories and keepsakes. For example, one easily personalized and gorgeous option is this bridal-specific piece by Petite Keep.

Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry is long-lasting and can be passed down for generations. Whether it’s a pre-designed couple’s set or even a specially designed piece, the bride will surely cherish it for a lifetime.

Still stressed about finding a gift? When in doubt, a wedding registry is a great option. In fact, brides often prefer that their registry is taken into consideration!