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Wedding Color Trends for Summer 2023

Get ready to dive into the fantastic wedding color trends for the summer of 2023! It’s not too late to consider color. This season brings a mix of vibrant and calming shades that will make your special day unforgettable. Summer 2023 brings forth a harmonious blend of rich and serene shades, offering couples an array of choices to infuse their special day with personality and style. Let’s explore the stunning color palettes that will set the stage for a dreamy and stylish wedding.

Chill Blues and Greens:

Blues and greens are still rocking the wedding scene in summer 2023. From soft pastels to deep shades, these colors bring a soothing and classy vibe. Imagine a beachside ceremony with bridesmaids donning aquamarine dresses against a backdrop of lush greenery. It’s a perfect combination that captures the essence of summer and sets a tranquil mood for your love-filled celebration.

Classy Neutrals with a Pop of Gold:

If you’re after timeless elegance, go for neutrals with a splash of gold. These colors create a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere, letting other elements shine while adding a touch of luxury. Think ivory, taupe, and blush, paired with golden accents like cutlery, candleholders, or even blingin’ accessories for the bride and bridesmaids. It’s all about that subtle hint of luxury that takes your wedding to the next level.

Lively Citrus and Coral:

Embrace the lively spirit of summer with a citrus-inspired color palette. Imagine a burst of vibrant yellows, zesty oranges, and playful corals energizing your wedding day. Fill your celebration with citrus-colored floral arrangements, bridesmaids donning lemon or tangerine dresses, and tables adorned with bright linens and citrus fruit decor. This lively palette brings joy, warmth, and a tropical flair to your big day.

Majestic Jewel Tones:

Give your summer wedding a regal touch with rich jewel tones like sapphire blue, emerald green, and amethyst purple. These luxurious hues add sophistication and grandeur to any celebration. Imagine an enchanting evening affair with candlelight illuminating majestic floral arrangements and tables decked out in jewel-toned settings. Your bridesmaids will stun in deep, jewel-colored gowns, creating a genuinely captivating ambiance.

Summer 2023 offers an incredible array of wedding color trends, each capable of transforming your special day into an unforgettable event. Whether you opt for chill blues and greens, classy neutrals with a pop of gold, lively citrus, and coral, or majestic jewel tones, these palettes allow you to express your unique style and create a celebration that reflects your love story. Embrace these trends and embark on a beauty, elegance, and romance journey. If none of these colors really resonated with you, check out this post I wrote about 5 classic summer color palettes.



Images by Yvette Roman Photography