Summer Wedding Color Palettes

5 Breezy Summer Wedding Color Palettes

Choosing your wedding colors is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make when you first start planning your big day. It shapes the look and feel of the event, guides other design decisions, and opens up new possibilities and inspiration. And who doesn’t love playing with color? (I know I do!) With another summer wedding season coming soon, I’ve been thinking about fresh summer wedding color palettes that will surprise and delight guests, while at the same time, capturing the spirit of the season. Whether you opt for muted tones or bold brights, there are so many gorgeous summer wedding color palettes to consider! Here are 5 of my current faves.

Orange and Blue. Over the past couple of years, I’ve enjoyed seeing preppy pairings of navy and slate gray with bright marigold or mustard yellow. However, this year, I’m leaning into orange and peach shades instead. I love the warmth that orange brings to a wedding! And because it’s an accent color, you can keep the other details clean and crisp. For example, navy bridesmaid dresses, white linen tablecloths, and blue patterned china.

Mixed reds and greens. Use a single red and green shade and you have a Christmas color scheme. But if you open up to a whole range of tones such as crimson, poppy, burgundy, rust, emerald, sage, and pistachio, you have a rich color palette that looks fresh and organic. You could throw a few pink shades into the mix as well for extra variety. Set it against a crisp white and include lots of green foliage in your décor for a gorgeous garden feel. Festive – in all the right ways!

Teal, Turquoise & Grey. Where better to turn for summer wedding inspiration than a tropical island. Picture the colors in a destination like the Maldives: cool marine blue, bright teal, white sand, and the deep grey-black of rocks. This makes a perfect summer wedding palette, even if you’re celebrating far away from the ocean. It’s so cool and serene, that you can’t help but feel like you’re dipping your toes into the sea!

Beige and Black. Neutrals aren’t going anywhere for summer 2022 and we’re still seeing lots of gorgeous displays of dried flowers and layered combinations of muted earth tones. To make your wedding stand out from the crowd, incorporate solid black. It might not sound very summery, but black accents like candles, furnishings, flatware, and chargers really pop and look very fresh and current. If you really want to take the look to the next level, add sparing pops of a bright, summery yellow as well.

Very Peri and Bridgerton Pastels. Of course, I can’t round up trending summer wedding color palettes without including two of this season’s biggest trends! Pantone’s Very Peri is all over the place at the moment, and it just happens to go beautifully with the summery pastels that make Bridgerton such a feast for the eyes too. Think sage, French blue, mauve, eggshell, lemon, and lilac. Whether or not you’re planning on a Bridgerton-style garden party theme, this color combination will bring all the summery Regency vibes to your celebration.

Do any of these summer wedding color palettes hit the right note for you? If not, don’t worry! The most important thing when making this decision is to choose shades you love, rather than follow the latest trends.