All About Wedding Toasts

Hi friends! Wedding toasts are one tradition that aren’t going anywhere, so it’s important to incorporate them into your wedding. They give guests a chance to really see who you are as a couple and get to know you on a more personal level. Here’s how to approach planning them:

  • Spontaneous or planned? Some couples like the spontaneity of inviting anyone to stand up and say a few words. This can be charming and fun, but save this for a small affair. If you’re having a large, formal wedding you’ll either end up with no one volunteering because they’re intimidated by the crowd…or simply too many people lining up at the mic! If you’re really into the idea of spontaneous speeches, the rehearsal dinner is a good time for that.
  • Who gives the speeches? Traditionally, the best man gives the first toast at the reception. The maid of honor and/or a parent may also want to toast as well. Feel free to deviate from tradition of course, but do be sure not to plan too many speeches at the reception. A long sequence of speech after speech can get tiresome for the crowd but a few appropriately timed toasts (just a couple minutes each) will get guests in the wedding spirit.
  • Your own speech. No, you’re not off the hook here! It is customary for the bride and/or groom to say a few words at the rehearsal dinner and the reception. At the reception, make the speech when you cut the cake. If you’re hosting, make your toast earlier to welcome everyone to your event. Remember, the focus of your speech shouldn’t be about your own love story here – it’s more about honoring your parents (or friends/family members who helped out) and thanking guests for celebrating with you.





Header image by Jose Villa photography