At Home Party Balloon Hack

Bunch-o-Balloons-PartyEvery once and a whileI find something for my events that I get really excited about. And when I get excited about an idea, product, or service, I love to share it with all my clients. Take balloons for example. You’ve probably seen balloons at lots of my events in the past few years. Whether it’s a birthday, a baby shower or even a wedding – every event is now balloon-friendly. The trend is really blowing up (no pun intended). I love the use of balloons in all kinds of events because they instantly say celebrate! The energy in the room rises when you walk into a space filled with balloons on the ceiling, on the dance floor, or even dressing up the bar. So when I discovered Bunch O Balloons Self-Sealing Party Balloons for events at home, I was thrilled.  I love to entertain in my home and I love to throw parties for my granddaughters. Bunch O Balloons Party recently helped me do just that! My sweet granddaughter, Goldie, just turned 4 and she wanted a butterfly (and balloon) filled ice cream party. So, I had to deliver!

I picked up my secret weapon and put my at home party balloon hack to work!

The pump fills up 40 balloons at a time, in just 40 seconds. This is key when setting up events since we don’t always have a lot of time in a space before the party starts. And it’s so simple to use! It really does take away the struggle associated with traditional balloons. These balloons come with the strings attached and a stem to fill them up with air or helium. When you’re ready to party, you simply cut off the stems and you’re left a self-sealed balloon. There’s no more tying (and ruining your manicure) and you can fill a room in just minutes for an instant celebration!


Goldie’s ice cream social was a big hit (more on that in the weeks to come). The balloons really wowed the kids and Bunch O Balloons Party was exactly what I needed to bring the celebration to life, even on a budget!

Bunch O Balloons Party is available at Walmart. Before your next party, I suggest a run to the store.



Images by: Amy and Stuart

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