BBQ Inspiration for Memorial Day Weekend

Some say that summer is officially upon us come Memorial Day Weekend. And I tend to agree! Typically, our time is filled with food and drink, good company, and good fun. While it is important to spend time honoring the history of the holiday, we can also take the time to make pleasant memories with loved ones. Read along for some backyard BBQ inspiration for your Memorial Day Weekend get-together.


Traditionally speaking, a Memorial Day Weekend backyard BBQ reigns king this holiday weekend. And for good reason! There’s nothing quite like the smell of the grill, sunshine blazing, and laughter floating down the neighborhood. The basis for nearly all gatherings is food. Take a look at this holiday feasting table that could easily be adjusted for Memorial Day Weekend. So let’s make it wonderful. You can opt to do everything yourself if you’re the hosting type. I adore adding a spin on classics like honey lime grilled corn, a summer couscous salad, or a marinated carne asada perfect for tacos. If cooking an entire menu is not your idea of summer fun, consider hosting a pot-luck-style backyard BBQ. This way, your guests will remove some of the pressure from you and enjoy at least one of their favorite dishes. Additionally, you can order in or have your Memorial Day Weekend Backyard BBQ catered.


Take care of your group with a selection of beverages. I like to include both non-alcoholic and boozy with an assortment of sparkling and still options as well. Elevate your standard juices and teas with a blueberry lemonade or iced mint tea. A selection of beer and wine is usually sufficient. But if you’re anything like me, a nice margarita will often add to a wonderful backyard BBQ.


As you are gathering inspiration for your Memorial Day Weekend backyard BBQ, consider entertainment for your guests. It’s likely you’re gathering with families, so don’t forget the children! Often they will be occupied with water play–maybe a water balloon fight, depending on your group. Giant Jenga, Connect Four and cornhole are popular options. Bring in a great local band for the tunes and requests or take some time to fine-tune a playlist that will keep the crowd buzzing.


As the name suggests, a backyard may be ideal for the coming and goings of your guests. No matter the location, try to host with thoughts of comfort. If you’re serving messy yet satisfying BBQ, have a station of wet wipes near the serving tables. I highly recommend hiring a serving team that can clear away used cutlery or empty glasses so you and your guests may spend more time socializing than tidying up. Pay mind to the weather and provide ample shade or umbrellas and seating. Not only should your environment be comfortable, but it should also be visually appealing. It’s quite effective to lean into an Americana-themed decor with creamy and lush hydrangeas and vibrant bluebells.

With these three basics conceptualized, you have a wonderful foundation for an event that will kick off the summer. These bits of inspiration for your Memorial Day Weekend backyard BBQ should spark some ideas to help you plan a gathering to build memories and have fun with loved ones. However large or understated you choose to go, the goal is to come together. It never hurts to do it with style and grace.




Image by John & Joseph Photography