Best Wedding Planning Advice for 2019

best-planning-advice-2019Now that we’re into our first official full week of work in the new year, I suspect some of you are rolling up your sleeves and kicking your wedding planning into high gear. If you just got engaged or 2019 is your year to tie the knot, then this post is for you. I put together a short list of some of my best wedding planning advice for 2019 in hopes of guiding you into a direction that helps you down the aisle successfully and stress free! Say I do to these five steps in your wedding planning and you’re off to a great start.

1. Don’t buy the first dress you try on. At least not without shopping around. Two months later you might see something you like better and have buyer’s remorse. Try different styles on, shop around and don’t feel pressure to put down a deposit before you leave the store. You can always come back to it once you feel you’re making an educated decision. Then, stop looking once you do!

2. Spend small amounts in ways that can make a big impact. I like to dress up the restrooms at a party. It’s simple, affordable and stands out to guests. I fill baskets for men and women with all the essentials to spruce up with after a few hours on the dance floor. I buy custom mirror decals on Shutterfly¬†with fun sayings like “you look gorgeous” for guests to reflect on and I light candles and display florals to make the area look and smell good too.

3. Spend money on the things that count to you. If you’re a foodie, invest in the catering. If music is most important, splurge on a band and live music acts. Skip details like a champagne toast (unless champagne is your thing). Most guests won’t drink their glass and it tends to be an up sell that’s quickly forgotten. Let guests cheers with their cocktail of choice and spend on personal details instead.

4. Consider the guest experience when setting the tables. Long tables look great but it means each guest can really only talk to the four people around them. High centerpieces add drama but hinder friends’ abilities to chat across the table. When selecting your decor, consider the look but also consider the guests.

5. When you can’t change the room, change the lighting. If your budget or venue doesn’t allow for a change of space for dancing or an after party but you want a look that’s reflective of the change in mood…change the lighting! Lighting is one of the best investments you can make for your wedding. It can transition the party from one look to the next but it also ensures beautiful photos, that guests look good and that all the decor you invested in shines.

Hopefully these insights will help you on your way to a wonderful wedding day ahead! For more of my best wedding planning advice for 2019, follow along with me on Instagram.



Photo: Simone Photography