Couples Shower Tips

Couples Shower Tips

These days, modern brides and grooms are putting aside outdated wedding traditions and etiquette, and figuring out what works for them. From walking yourself down the aisle and sending email save the dates, to “man of honor” and “best woman” roles, many couples are giving wedding standards a 21st century update. I’m all for getting creative and making your wedding your own! So why not give bridal showers a similar rethink? Couples showers are a hot trend at the moment, and can be a fabulous way to celebrate with friends and family. Instead of focusing on a frilly girls-only afternoon, they feel more like a fun cocktail party, and everyone’s invited!

Here are my top tips for pulling your couples shower off in style.

Limit the guest list. Just as with a bridal shower, everyone invited to a couples event should also be invited to the wedding. However, that doesn’t mean you need to invite all your guests. The shower should be smaller than the engagement party and definitely shouldn’t rival the main event. So ideally keep the guest list down.

Be smart about gifts. A co-ed party doesn’t mean that guests can’t ‘shower’ you with gifts, but it’s a good idea to set some guidelines. For example, lingerie is a no-go. Couples wedding shower gifts are usually a mix of home goods and gadgets, but you could also request specific gifts, like contributions to a honeymoon fund. Theming the gift giving can be fun too (think his and hers) and let your guests get creative. You may also want to skip the tradition of opening gifts in front of everyone and do it later in private.

Have a theme. Themes are a great idea for a couples shower, as they can give direction to everything from décor to activities (and those gifts!). Here are some fun shower themes to consider:

  • Sports shower: Organize your party around a fun sporting activity, like volleyball, lawn games or tag football. You could even book a suite at a ball game or other sporting event.
  • Beach shower: Invite your guests to enjoy a day splashing in the waves and sipping on summer drinks. Set up a cabana for shade and serve delicious picnic food.
  • Brunch shower: Who doesn’t love brunch? Host a mid-morning party and serve brunch favorites like waffles, pancakes and mimosas. A Bloody Mary bar is always a fun touch!
  • Around the clock shower: For this fun theme, each guest is assigned an hour of the day and has to bring a gift that fits into the time slot. For example, 7am might be a set of cute his and hers coffee mugs.
  • Stock the bar shower: If you’ve already got all the home goods you need, consider a stock the bar themed party, where guests bring alcoholic gifts and barware. Serve custom cocktails or invite guests to create their own!

Include a game or two. You may want to skip the bridal bingo, but the shoe game is always a fun idea, similar to the classic newlywed game. You could also play wedding-themed charades or mad libs. Of course, you don’t have to include games, but they’re always a good way to break the ice.

Ultimately, like any good party, a couples shower should reflect the couple it honors. Mix in personal details, along with good food, good music and good company, and it’s sure to be a hit!



Image by Amy and Stuart Photography