Creative Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

As adults, we often feel like we don’t want to make a big deal about our birthdays. So creative birthday party ideas for adults get dropped in favor of a quiet dinner or drinks at a local bar. But just because the days of princess and pirate parties are behind you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to make merry. In fact, there’s never been a better time to celebrate being alive or to gather with those precious family and friends you may not have seen for a while. And don’t be afraid to go all out! Hire a caterer and a band (and a party planner, of course!). Choose a theme or a color. Incorporate your favorite things, and fill your event with personal details. Because whatever your age, you deserve to enjoy yourself and honor your one amazing life.

Not sure where to start? Here are some fresh and creative birthday party ideas for adults to get you inspired!

Make an entrance. Get the party started from the moment your guests arrive with an impactful entrance. Whether it’s a floral or balloon garland at the door, curtains pulled back to reveal your venue, tall pillar candles, or a cute neon sign, there are many ways to make the entrance décor impactful.

Balloons… and lots of them! Speaking of balloons, they’re not just for kids’ parties anymore! In fact, balloons are one of my favorite ways to decorate a birthday party, whatever the theme or age group. Over the past few years, we’ve done some amazing oversize balloon arches and displays, used them as table runners, covered ceilings with them… the possibilities are endless! The best part is that you can also customize them to your color scheme or theme including shiny metallics (perfect for an adult’s birthday party!).

Make it personal. Think about the things you love and incorporate them into the décor. Whether it’s choosing your favorite colors for the palette, a favorite place as the theme or inspiration for the cuisine, or even being inspired by your name (or just the first letter). For one birthday, we added cheeky personal details like pillows printed with the party girl’s portrait. And why not? It’s all about YOU!

Get crafty! Crafts and activities are always a great idea for kids’ parties, but why should they stop at childhood? For example, get your friends together for a day of jewelry making, painting, origami, or flower arranging?

Movie night. If you have a favorite film or genre, why not have a screening for your big birthday? If you prefer to celebrate at home, then you can set up a screen in your garden. Or why not hire out a private screening room or cinema? You can even ask guests to dress up according to the film’s theme or era (’80s-themed John Hughes marathon, anyone?). And don’t forget all those delicious movie snacks!

Hope you like these creative birthday party ideas for adults! Stay tuned for more fab birthday party ideas on the blog again soon!


Image by John and Joseph Photography Inc.