The Groom’s Shower is In: Here are Some Fun Ideas

The newest buzz is groom’s showers! While the gals have their night, grooms have taken to throwing their own get-togethers with some of their closest friends, and I think it’s a super fun idea. Not sure what to do for your groom’s shower? I have some fun ideas for a nice night or even a weekend away.

Outdoor Activities

If the groom you’re celebrating is all about the outdoors, what better place to be than outside? This theme comes with a ton of different fun options and you can go either way – something a little more relaxing or high energy.

Take a long weekend to enjoy the forest, camp food, and a crackling bonfire. Or, if you’re looking for a one-day event, try a group hike or even a day at an adventure park for a memory packed with adrenaline and fun.

Get Out the Grill

Like any shower, the groom’s personality and hobbies matter when planning an enjoyable event. If they’re the type that loves a hot grill and a few beers by the pool, then a classic barbecue is a fantastic option.

Up the outing to the next level by renting out a few rooms at a local resort (make sure they have a grilling space) and take advantage of the  pool and luxury amenities while you’re at it!

Whiskey Tasting

For a more classy approach to a groom’s shower, a whiskey enthusiast groom would fit perfectly in place with a day of high-end whiskey tasting. Whether it’s through a pre-planned venue or self-made, this would be perfect for a one-day event.

If you want to plan your own whiskey tasting, try creating an at-home whiskey tasting. Make sure to focus on that bar ambiance. And, of course, carefully curate the best selection of whiskeys. Don’t forget to include the groom’s favorites.

Retro Arcade

Renting out an old-school retro arcade for the groom and crew is a great way to incorporate the love of gaming into a groom’s shower. Plus, the extra touch of nostalgia is a great way to celebrate the start of a new chapter of life.

Add a touch of competition to the day by keeping score! Each person tallies up their wins and losses, and by the end of the night, there’s a groom’s shower champion.

Time on the Golf Range

Arrange a day out on the golf range for the groom and friends. Maybe throw in some golf-themed décor and deck out the groom’s golf cart so everyone knows who is being celebrated!

Elevate the experience is by renting out some rooms so everyone can relax after walking the course and you can keep the event going into the evening.

What details will you work into your groom’s shower? If you’re in charge of both, check out these tips on how to throw an unforgettable bridal shower.