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MasterClass with Mindy: The Perfect Bridal Shower Gift

Bridal shower season is here and it is booming, so you must be here looking for a gift idea! I have something that is not only thoughtful, but will help your bride on her journey toward her big day. Here is everything you need to know about my session by MasterClass.

What is it?

When I designed the session with MasterClass, I wanted to create something that would include my decades worth of wedding planning experience. This session covers everything from organization to strategies to walk your couple through the planning stages of their big day. The ten different sections include insider planning tips that will answer all of your wedding needs.

Mindy Weiss MasterClass

What does it include?

This session includes everything your bride needs to know on her path to her big day. Throughout the ten sections, there are step-by-step walkthroughs of the most important parts of getting to that “I Do” moment.

What will your couple learn?

Prioritizing Their Plans: This session by MasterClass sets your couple up for success by teaching them exactly what to prioritize and when in their planning process. They will receive expert advice on everything from calculating a budget to choosing an ideal venue to selecting a palette and color scheme (and more)!

Picking Their People: A big part of wedding planning is knowing the when and where, but most importantly, the who. Help your bride lessen her planning stress by offering the tools she’ll need to help make a guest list, find the right vendors, and know who will make her big day perfect. Plus, I offer advice to help navigate some hard conversations that come up in the process.

Preparing Their Party: The final steps of planning can be just as extensive and the primary steps. Having a step-by-step course to walk your bride through will be game-changing. With the hardest pieces out of the way, the MasterClass dives into curating menus, seating charts, vows, and more!

Why is this MasterClass a good gift?

Your bride is stepping into the process of planning one of the most important and memorable days of her life, and being able to help in that process is a big deal. Think of all of the anxiety and stress you can help alleviate by offering an answer to so many questions your bride will be asking along the way.

When it comes to wedding planning, knowledge is the gift that keeps giving! Check out my session by MasterClass to give the perfect gift.