2024 Baby Shower Themes to Fall For

Planning a baby shower is an honor and I’m here to help! But first, congrats are in order for the mom-to-be! Now, let’s get down to business. Picking a theme is important and knowing where to start can be daunting, but don’t fret! Here are some 2024 baby shower themes that anyone will fall for.

Childhood Nostalgia

If there’s one thing most of us remember from our childhood, it’s the Disney movie that our parents always had to have at the ready. When it comes to a nostalgia baby shower theme, here’s a few ways to go:

Childhood Movies: Choose one (or even a few) and go all in! From color scheme to music to food, bring your mum-to-be’s favorite movie to life.

Amusement Parks: This theme comes from a baby shower I planned and absolutely fell in love with. Guests were greeted by Disney-inspired greeters and balloons in the park’s iconic colors. We really let our imagination lead the way on this one. Additional ideas include: incorporating games and d├ęcor inspired by the park’s rides and well-known monuments. I love the idea of sending each guest home with their own pair of personalized Mickey ears!

Fashion Forward

If your mother-to-be is a lover of fashion, then this is just the theme for you. Try setting up a table of beautiful baby clothes to sift through and let each guest create personalized looks for when the baby arrives. Another fun and memorable activity to include would be bringing out everyone’s artistic side! Provide clean white outfits, fabric pens or paint, and allow everyone to sit back and decorate to their heart’s content.

Sunshine on the Way

This theme is all about the bright summer sunshine and happiness that comes with a baby on the way. Not only will this theme bring out the radiant joy of bringing new life to the world, but it is perfect for a genderless baby shower. Yellow is the color of choice, and sunshine is the name of the game, so this is a great alternative if the mom-to-be doesn’t want to know the baby’s gender.

Elegant Tea Party

Tiny tea cups and finger foods that will satisfy any and every pregnancy craving! This baby shower theme is the perfect mix of cute and decorative while also being relaxing for everyone. Sometimes the best showers are the ones that allow everyone to sit back and chat over a cup of tea.

The most important part of planning a baby shower is focusing on the mom-to-be! Pick a theme that you know she’ll love and make the day about her and the baby on the way.

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Images by John & Joseph and Daniel Kim