Fun Games to Play at a Groom’s Shower

Groom showers are the new rave for grooms and their friends to get together and have their own pre-wedding celebration, and I am all for it! Where there is celebration, there needs to be games and entertainment. Here are some fun games to play at a groom’s shower.

Barbecue Cook-Off

Is the groom you’re celebrating proud of his grilling skills or just an avid cook? Then why not bring out the grills and put him and his friends to the test? After some drinks and a nice day in the sun, you’ll have a feast of freshly cooked BBQ to enjoy.

P.S. You could make this an all-day event, or if you’re short on time, stick to burgers and brats to save a bit on the cooking time.

Sports Trivia

This one is for the groom who has that one team he will support through and through. It could include some broader trivia on the groom’s favorite sport. Then, make it a bit more personalized by incorporating their favorite team into the questions.

Every trivia game has to come with a prize, whether it’s a round of drinks or maybe even tickets to a sporting event, the stakes are up to you!

Cornhole and Yard Games

If you’re aiming for a more laid-back atmosphere, then cornhole and some good old-fashioned yard games would be a perfect choice. Choose a nice open and outdoor space on a sunny day and set up for a potluck or barbecue to kick back and relax.

Scavenger Hunt

Bring a slice of youthful joy into your Groom’s shower plans with a personalized scavenger hunt. Create clues that lead your entourage on a path to each of your groom’s favorite spots around the city. For a bit of extra fun, have prizes and personalized drinks to enjoy along the way.

Groom Jeopardy

How well do you know the man of the hour? Make your groom’s shower all about who it’s meant to be about: the groom. Have a series of categories about everything pertaining to the groom and make the questions progressively harder just like Jeopardy.

Enjoy this activity with some handcrafted drinks or whatever fits the taste of your groom best, and enjoy an event that is all about them.

What is your go-to game? Hopefully, these fun games to play at a groom’s shower can help spark some ideas for your planning.