Everything You Need to Know about Save-the-Dates

Sending out wedding save-the-dates is an important step in the wedding planning process, helping guests prepare for your special day. Here’s a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about sending out wedding save-the-dates.


One of the most asked questions is: When do I send out my save-the-dates? The answer: You’ll want to send save-the-dates approximately 6 to 12 months before the wedding date. This allows guests to make travel arrangements and clear their schedules.

On the same note, you’ll want to send your save-the-dates on the earlier end of the spectrum if you are inviting international guests. Consider the longer delivery time and potential passport and visa requirements of those international guests.

Photography & Design

If you are hiring a photographer, make sure to set a date with them almost immediately after your engagement. Photographers can get very busy, depending on the season, so it’s great to get your photos ready to print as soon as possible.

Next, choose a design that reflects the theme or colors of your wedding. Maintain a consistent theme with your wedding invitations. This includes design, color scheme, and overall aesthetic.

Online Options

If you’re an eco-friendly couple, online options are completely acceptable. Consider digital save-the-dates for a more sustainable option. Ensure your online save-the-dates match the overall theme and formality of your wedding. Note: Save-the-dates typically don’t require an RSVP, but if you’re using digital options, include a way for guests to acknowledge receipt.

Essential Information to Include

Include essential information, such as the date, location, and a personal touch that represents the couple. Be sure to mention that a formal invitation will follow. You may also want to refer to guest accommodations. If your wedding involves travel, provide information about hotel accommodations. This will give guests plenty of time to make arrangements. Include any relevant details about room blocks and booking deadlines, if applicable.


Address save-the-dates to the people you are inviting, not necessarily those on your final guest list. Even if you are fairly certain a friend or family member can’t attend, it’s still considerate to send a save-the-date. (These cards can double as a wedding announcement.) If you’re unsure about someone’s address, be sure to reach out! No one likes to waste postage!



The formality of your save-the-dates should match the formality of your wedding. Use formal language for a traditional wedding and be more casual for a relaxed celebration.

Double-Check Details

It’s so important to proofread all details carefully to avoid mistakes! Don’t waste all your time and hard work with incorrectly addressed envelopes! Verify the accuracy of dates, names, and locations before finalizing and sending.

Follow-Up with Invitations

Send formal wedding invitations 2 to 3 months before the wedding, following up on the save-the-dates.


By following these guidelines, you’ll create a seamless and organized process for notifying your guests about your wedding date, ensuring that they have ample time to prepare and join in the celebration.



Images by Amy & Stuart Photography