Sustainable Wedding Ideas for Your Big Day

With fresh ideas and options, your wedding doesn’t have to have a negative global impact. Picture a wedding packed full of one-use utensils and items that will just end up in the trash and scrap that! Here are some sustainable wedding ideas to lessen the carbon footprint of your big day.

Choose Your Venue With Purpose

When it comes to choosing your venue, there are ways to seek out more sustainable options. Look for spaces that are eco-friendly and utilize renewable sources of energy, like solar panels. Another more Earth-friendly route would be hosting at an outdoor venue like a park, vineyard, or garden that requires less decor.

Go Digital

A major source of waste in wedding planning is pre-wedding stationery. If you have your heart set on a specific design, don’t miss out on the look, just take that same idea and digitize it. This can include digital versions of invitations, RSVP’s, save the dates, and more.

If the idea of digital invitations isn’t for you, seek out companies with eco-friendly alternatives like soy based inks and paper with plantable seeds mixed in!

Keep Your Florals Local

Avoid the excess carbon required to transport your florals by supporting a local business or having your florist source flowers and greenery native to where your wedding will be. In addition, seek out florists who follow sustainable practices, like lessening the use of floral foam and sourcing organic flowers.


Encourage carpooling among your guests and, if possible, opt for electric or hybrid car options. This could also mean planning shuttles to bring all of your guests to and from your venue. Along with this, consider having your ceremony and reception at the same venue to reduce necessary travel between.

Reduce your waste

One way to reduce waste on your big day while getting your guests involved in the earth-friendly practices is by including recycling and composting stations at your ceremony. You can even work with a local farm or garden to use any compost for their soil!

Weddings can produce large amounts of waste and have a negative environmental impact, but they don’t have to. Will you include any of these sustainable wedding ideas in your planning?



Images by Amy & Stuart Photography