Creative Ways to Incorporate Branding in a Corporate Event

When it comes to corporate events, I love thinking creatively and producing wow-factor experiences for my clients’ guests. Of course, showing off their brand is always important to a corporate client. A major planning question is thus where and how to display the company logo, while still keeping the décor classy. Branded goody bags, stage backdrops and photo walls are no longer new ideas for corporate event branding (although they’re often still worth including). So I’m always on the lookout for fresh ideas. Fortunately, events are full of branding opportunities!

Here are some chic and unique ways to display a company logo at your next corporate event or activation.

Custom artwork. A custom piece of artwork (whether hanging or sculpture) can really transform a reception space. It can always be designed to include the company logo or name. Use the artwork as a central display or even a bar backdrop. Another growing trend is to employ a street artist to create a 3D image on the ground. This kind of visual appeal makes your logo that much easier to remember. Plus guests will probably snap and share images on social media.

Floor graphics. These days, you can get custom-made decals and apply them to almost any surface. You could add your logo to the dance floor, where guests will see it all night long. Or why not create a series of branded decals for any stairs leading up to the event, to build a sense of anticipation?

Coffee art. Everyone loves custom coffee art! With new printing technology you can now get coffees (or cocktails) branded with almost any image or design. It’s a perfect place to put the company logo, and will surprise and delight your guests!

Ice sculpture. Have your logo made into a 3D work of ice art by an ice sculptor, either before the event, or as your guests watch. To make this extra fun, you could have the sculpture made into an ice luge, so guests can enjoy a cheeky shot while interacting very directly with your brand.

Photo booth. A photo booth in itself is nothing new, but each year they get more and more creative. Or, instead of a photographic image, you can now hire a digital caricaturist. The best part about these features at events is that you can have the images come out branded with your logo. This way, when guests share their pics on social media, it will get seen by many more people than attend the actual event.

Cocktail hour. When it comes to the bar, there are many fun ways to include your logo. From custom napkins and chargers to cocktail stirrers with your logo on them, to signature cocktails in your branding colors, cocktail hour is one of the best times to get your logo on display.

Wax seals. If you’re sending out beautiful paper invitations and the event is formal, a special extra touch is to include a custom wax seal on the envelope. It can be created using your brand colors and logo. Just a little detail, but one guests are sure to notice and appreciate.

How will you infuse your mark into your next corporate event?



Top image by Brian Marcus