Defining Your Wedding Design Team

Hello friends! When it comes to wedding décor and design, it’s important you have a solid team in place. So what does that even entail? The roles of people who help you with the look and feel of your wedding can get a tad murky. Like many industries, lots of wedding professionals wear many different hats.

Here’s a quick guide that could help:

  • Full-service florist – typically a retail florist that provides centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres and the like.
  • Floral designer – this person usually offers a wider range of design services. They usually have studio space for constructing things like chuppahs or large quantities of centerpieces and offer a variety of props.
  • Event designer – this person handles the overall concept and execution of your design vision. High end, offsite weddings or weddings that involve tents are prime opportunities for event designers. They’ll take care of everything needed to transform a space like flowers, props, fabric and lighting. Some florists and wedding planners do this as well.
  • Wedding planner – planners differ in terms of how much they design and how much they coordinate. Some will point you to vendors and oversee those relationship while others will be very involved in helping you with the design and finding vendors that will bring your vision to life.
  • Rental company – this is another vendor where the scope varies pretty widely. Most will offer basics like chairs, tables, coatracks and such but others might also handle tents, carpets, dance floors, basic lighting and more. If you’re doing an off-site wedding, some rental companies can often help you with the layout and the floor plans.

You likely won’t have all of these vendors involved in your wedding, it really depends on your needs and the location.



Header image by Elizabeth Messina