Engagement Ring Trends for 2020 and 2021

Engagement Ring Trends for 2020 and 2021

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, the most important factor is that it’s something you LOVE. A reflection of your personal style that you’ll enjoy wearing for years to come. But even though ring style ultimately comes down to personal choice, we do see engagement ring trends from one season to the next. And this year is no different! In fact, there are some beautiful engagement ring trends that I’m seeing for 2020/2021. Some are revivals of old classics while others are brand new. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for that perfect surprise proposal or shopping for rings together, you’re sure to find something on this list that you’ll both love.

Classic solitaire engagement rings. In a move towards minimalism and timeless sophistication, many modern brides are now opting for the classic diamond solitaire. Yellow gold is on the rise again too, making this even more of a chic and classic look. One major style update is super skinny bands. These give the solitaire a contemporary spin and really let the diamond pop. It’s all about the quality of the center stone with this look!

Stackable engagement rings. Jewelry stacking has been growing in popularity but has only recently made its way to engagement ring trends. This is a very playful and flexible option. It gives you the freedom to adjust how you wear your rings to suit the occasion or your look. It also allows you to incorporate heirloom rings or to buy multiple rings that are designed to be worn together.

Engagement rings with multiple stones. Royal brides have always had an impact on engagement ring trends and Meghan Markle was no exception. Her sparkler reinvigorated the popularity of three-stone engagement rings, which continue to be popular. Brides are now also opting for five-stone rings (all the sparkle!) and two-stone rings. For a truly unique look, choose contrasting cuts or diamond sizes, or opt for a chic open design.

Fancy cut diamond engagement rings. Fancy cuts is the name given to those other than the classic brilliant. For example, marquise, emerald, oval, baguette, heart shape, pear, and trilliant. Choosing one of these cuts is a great way to make your ring stand out. There are so many shapes to choose from! In terms of popularity, oval cuts have been on the rise for a little while. However, pear-cut and marquise diamonds are increasingly taking center stage.

Vintage and sustainability. Modern couples are increasingly focused on sustainability and bringing eco-awareness into their wedding. And the engagement ring is no exception. Think recycled materials, ethically sourced or lab-grown diamonds, and of course, vintage rings. Art Deco and Victorian styles are especially on-trend. Couples love that the rings have a sense of history, as well as being unique.

Which of these engagement ring trends do you like best? (One of each for me, please!)