Fall Wedding Ceremony Decor Ideas

It’s officially fall! While it’s always sad to say goodbye to summer, it’s also a pleasure to welcome a new season. Especially one that is all about changing leaves, crisper temperatures – and of course, everything pumpkin spice! Fall is also a wonderful time to get married, and with COVID-19 restrictions causing many couples to postpone their summer nuptials this year, fall weddings are more popular than ever. When it comes to fall wedding décor, the key is layering: rich color tones, natural materials, and a mix of textures. And your ceremony is no exception. In fact, the aisle is a great place to make a seasonal style statement! Here are some creative ways to embrace autumnal elements for fall wedding ceremony décor that makes a big impression.

Use a branch arch for a rustic outdoor ceremony. If you’re having your fall wedding outside, you’ll want nature to take center stage. A rustic arch or chuppah decorated with flowers and foliage is pretty without being distracting.

Embrace seasonal florals. There are still plenty of beautiful flowers available and in season during the fall. Drape your altar with a canopy of fresh blooms in autumn shades or drape a tree with a long garland of fall flowers for the perfect natural backdrop. Tall flowers lining the aisle also look amazing and you’ll feel like you’re walking through a meadow.

Line the aisle with pumpkins. Nothing says harvest season quite like pumpkins! That’s what makes them perfect candidates for fall wedding ceremony décor. Line your aisle with pumpkins, or alternate them with standing lanterns or tall hurricane vases with candles for a grand entrance.

Pay attention to the seating. There are lots of great options for fall wedding ceremony seating! For example, wood bench seats or mixed lounge seating create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere. (Lounge pockets can also be great for a socially distanced ceremony!) Or use your chairs to add fall color – think natural wood or warm copper.

Use barrels and wooden stumps to add height and texture. Barrels or tree stumps work well as natural stands for floral arrangements, lanterns, or oversize vases. Set them up around the altar, at the entrance to the aisle, or at the end of each row.

Create a foliage arch. Foliage is the epitome of fall style, so why not incorporate it into your archway? Instead of flowers, have your florist drape the arch or chuppah in garlands of fall leaves, or use branches for a more minimal look that also works well indoors. You can also line the aisle with leaves or add them to floral arrangements.

Mix fresh and dried flowers. Another way to make your wedding décor more fall-friendly is to mix beautiful fresh flowers with dried flowers, grasses, berries, branches, or pods. Pampas grass is especially on-trend right now and gives arrangements a gorgeous dreamy quality.

Use velvet for draping. If you love the look of a draped archway, switch to a rich autumnal fabric like velvet to suit the season. A rich amber or blue velvet looks particularly good with florals in a classic fall palette.

Which of these fall wedding ceremony décor ideas do you like best?


Image by John and Joseph Photography