Why Have a Fall Wedding?

Choosing the time of year to have your wedding is one of the first big wedding planning decisions you’ll make. Couples often automatically think of spring or summer, but with Coronavirus restrictions this year, many have had to re-evaluate. In fact, fall is another great season to be wed, and even before 2020, lots more couples were picking September, October, or even November for their weddings. And no wonder! A fall wedding has so many advantages.

Here are just a few of the top reasons you should consider having a fall wedding.

Flexibility. As a transitional season, fall weddings have a lot of flexibility. Whether it’s an outdoor ceremony or a cozy indoor celebration you want, both are possible in the early half of the season. This is particularly helpful when you need to space guests out, as we do right now.

Great weather. Summer weddings are lovely, but they can also be blazing hot or humid, and summer thunderstorms can rain on your parade (literally!). Autumn weather is temperate – and can be somewhat reliable in comparison.

Breathtaking scenery. Nature really seems to show off in the fall, providing a stunning backdrop for outdoor ceremonies. All those beautiful colors! It also makes for incredible couple pics that will look gorgeous on your wall.

Convenience (and sometimes savings). Choosing to plan a wedding off-season is a great idea in terms of budget and logistics. Some destination venues will also have more availability and may offer a shoulder season discount. And you’re unlikely to run into vacation scheduling conflicts with your guests, so more will be able to attend. If you’re thinking of a destination wedding, then you may also be able to save on airfare.

Fall fashion. The fashion choices for brides and grooms alike are greater as the weather cools down. Maybe you want to channel Kate Middleton in lace sleeves or slip on some vintage velvet pumps. Grooms can wear trendy tweed or velvet. And there are so many gorgeous jewel tones for your bridesmaids too!

Color. Speaking of color, fall wedding palettes come in a rich variety of hues. You definitely don’t have to go for the classic rust, orange, and mustard combination either. Consider jewel colors like deep emerald, violet, and navy blue, as well as soft neutrals and mixed metallics. Take inspiration from seasonal flowers and produce, or take a classic summer palette and add in a deeper contrasting hue.

Comfort food. Fall wedding menus are all about hearty, comforting food like soups, pies, and seasonal vegetables. At cocktail hour, serve warming drinks like steaming hot apple cider, hot buttered rum, or spiked hot cocoa.

What are your favorite aspects of a fall wedding?


Image by John and Joseph Photography