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Floral Inspiration for Your Spring Wedding

Lucky for you, floral inspiration for your spring wedding is teeming with possibility as many coveted blooms are in season. Just as your favorite farm-to-table restaurant serves seasonally appropriate ingredients, your wedding can boast seasonally spectacular blooms. While it may be easier to secure flowers that are in season, it is certainly possible to source flowers from different climates to achieve your vision.  Floral installations can make a striking statement to set the tone for your wedding and selecting blooms based on the shade is an effortless way to incorporate your color palette. They also provide texture and movement to a focal point. Read along for more floral inspiration for your spring wedding!

Pantone color of the year. The color of 2023 is Viva Magenta. What a fitting shade of flower for your spring wedding! If you’re seeking a more foraged, bohemian vibe or Grecian-inspired, consider the vibrant and papery bougainvillea. However, even if you opt for a different color family for your spring wedding, you can take inspiration from Pantone’s colors from years past.

viva magenta flowers

Invite the senses. Fresh floral looks beautiful, without question! Choosing a florist who aligns with your goals can impart a personality to your spring wedding– classic, romantic, bold, whimsical…your options are limitless. Although, we suggest leaning into the nature of spring’s gift and offering the idea of florals with notable fragrances. How magical would it be to catch fresh gardenias on a breeze and be transported back to your wedding day?

Beyond a centerpiece. Incorporate your flowers in more spaces than bouquets or centerpieces. Furthermore, does your escort display make a statement? Consider a live backdrop for photos upon entry or during cocktail hour to elevate your spring wedding. There can never be too many flowers at a wedding, and spring is a fitting season to embrace their abundance! Consider wildflower petals in lieu of confetti or rice for a more modern ceremony tradition. Perhaps your floral inspiration finds its way to an edible flower-adorned welcome cocktail.

edible flower cocktail

Greenery galore. Take earthiness to a new level by piling greens as far as the eye can see. Drape them from the ceiling, adorn entryways, and create your own secret garden. There are no rules! Finding floral inspiration for your spring wedding can move beyond traditional flowers when you take into consideration just how lush our world is.

Above all, your floral inspiration should strike you and your guests alike. Whether you opt for opulent blossoms cascading from floating centerpieces, or understated greenery that accents your spring vineyard wedding, there is no wrong choice. Alas, working with the season instead of against may help inspiration flow more easily but at the end of the day– this is your wedding where your ideas are brought to life.




Images by John & JosephNorman & Blake