Fourth of July Party and BBQ Ideas

Do you have your Fourth of July plans set? For many, the day involves barbecues, parties and, most importantly, time with family and friends. But why stick to the exact routine when there are fun and fresh ways to celebrate?

Picture this: you and the people most important to you are gathered in a local place dressed and enjoying a gourmet barbecue in a vintage Americana-themed gathering. This is just one fun way to celebrate the day. Here are some interesting new Fourth of July party and BBQ ideas.

Gourmet Barbecue Offerings

This Fourth of July, step out from the regular burgers and brats and ribs. Offer some gourmet tastes in celebration! This could include dry-aged steaks, seafood skewers, lamb chops and more. Then, pair the meats with a selection of delicious sauces and grilled vegetables. Hiring a private chef for the event would be best to avoid the extra stress of needing to cook while hosting!

Craft Cocktail Bars

Instead of coolers of beers and canned drinks, have a craft cocktail bar set up to enjoy throughout the night. Hire a bartender who can mix your guests’ favorite drinks or you can choose to have a self-mix open bar. Add some extra taste and décor with fresh fruits and mixers.

Interactive Food

Rather than serving set plates, interactive food spaces that allow your guests to make plates of what they want to eat would be perfect. This could include a cold seafood bar with all of the fixings for ceviche like lime, lemon, onion and chili. Or opt for a dessert area that is interactive like a “make your own s’mores” space or even a self-serve ice cream bar.

Vintage Americana Décor

When it comes to décor, nothing quite says Fourth of July like vintage Americana. Picture old-school cans turned into floral centerpieces and antique flags. Then, for a touch of elegance, mix in some rustic wooden pieces, decorative mason jars and nice china tableware.

Firework Cruise

If you’re looking for a Fourth of July party that will wow, rent out a yacht or boat for the night and take your guests to the waters to party and enjoy the fireworks. If you’re near a beach, you can start your night with a beach party and then end it on the waters for the firework show.

These are just some Fourth of July party and BBQ ideas to spice up your holiday plans. If you’re set on a BBQ, check out these tips for a fabulous Fourth of July BBQ. As always, the most important part of the day is spending it with the friends and family that are most important to you.