5 Hot Gender Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas for 2022

I have to admit, baby showers are some of my favorite parties to plan! Not only is everyone involved so excited by the baby’s grand entrance, but they can’t wait to shower the mother-to-be with love. When the baby’s gender is a surprise (or you don’t want to focus on assigning gender), there’s that extra excitement too! But a unisex shower doesn’t mean you have to pick a bland theme. In fact, there are so many great ideas out there that it can be hard to narrow it down to the best gender neutral baby shower theme ideas. That’s where I’m here to help! I’ve gathered 5 of my current favorites to share.

Here are 5 cool and creative gender neutral shower theme ideas for 2022!

Oh Honey Gender Neutral Baby Shower Theme. What could be better than a sweet-as-honey shower for the mommy-to-bee?! For this bee-themed shower choose a unisex palette of soft yellow and white. Decorate with yellow blooms, balloons, and honeycomb hexagons. Serve honey-infused food and drink. To end things off, send guests home with minature jars of local honey, tied with ribbon and a honey dipper. It’s the perfect favor to thank your guests for ‘bee’-ing there!

Ready to Pop Gender Neutral Baby Shower Theme. There’s so much you can bring into this fun theme to make it really pop! A popcorn bar, for example, will be a huge hit. (Champagne and cake pops are also on-theme.) Balloons make another fun play on the word ‘pop’, so be sure to fill up the room with plenty of them, including a lavish balloon arch. Play classic pop music and have guests play a round of pop trivia. And why not take things to the next level with your décor and be inspired by pop art? Bold colors, flowers in Campbell’s soup tins, a Roy Lichtenstein-inspired invitation… there are so many creative ideas you could play with!

Teddy Bear Gender Neutral Baby Shower Theme. As a much-loved toy for over a century, teddy bears also make an adorable inspiration for a gender neutral baby shower. For one bear-themed bash, we filled the venue with balloons in gold, cream and shades of brown, as well as pastel pink roses, which looked so elegant with the white couches. There were bears everywhere, including two life-size topiary teddies. Even the guests wore little bear ears! We served ‘beary sweet tea’ in little bear-shaped jars and, of course, lots of bear-themed sweet treats! It was a huge hit with the guests and the gorgeous mama-to-be.

Adventure Gender Neutral Baby Shower Theme. Having a baby is one of the greatest adventures, as you set off to discover a whole new world! Parents also love dreaming about the adventures their little one will have in life. So ‘the adventure begins’ makes a great shower theme, especially if the parents are lovers of travel and exploration. There are so many travel motifs you can use. For example, maps, globes, compasses and vintage suitcases. Or you could go down a woodsy rustic mountain-style décor route, with lots of plaid and wood and natural greenery. Have guests sign a copy of Dr Seuss’ classic, ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’ instead of a guest book, with wishes for baby’s future.

Rainbow Gender Neutral Baby Shower Theme. Can’t decide on a color for your baby shower? How about all the colors! Rainbows make such a fun theme for a gender neutral baby shower that overflows with joy. One of the best ways to make this work is to use a neutral or white base so that your rainbow details can stand out big and bold. For example, a streamer or floral wall, or a balloon arch makes a brilliant backdrop to the dessert table, but use a white tablecloth. And, of course, a rainbow cake is a must!


Image: John and Joseph Photography Inc.