Groom Style Trends for 2019

Brides may get most of the attention when it comes to wedding day fashion, but these days, my grooms are pulling out all the stops to look dapper on their big day too. With companies like The Black Tux ensuring that both grooms and groomsmen can access premium suits and tuxedos for less, there’s no reason why the gents can’t compete in the style stakes too! Here are some of the fashion-forward looks that grooms will be wearing in the coming year.

Three Piece Suits: The classic three-piece is definitely back in fashion for 2019 and looking sharper than ever. The best part about a three-piece is that they transition well from ceremony to reception. As the dance floor heats up, the jacket comes off. Sleeves can also get pushed up for a more comfortable, relaxed look.

Second Suits: Speaking of day-to-night looks, grooms are taking a page out of the bride’s reception dress handbook. Now they too are changing into a second look for the reception. Choose something classic for the ceremony, and then switch to dinner jackets or a bold color or pattern for the evening that lets you express your sartorial style. You don’t have to change the entire outfit, just one or two details and you’re ready to party!

Velvet: Velvet is everywhere at the moment, from ring boxes to table linens, and this warm, luxurious texture really elevates the standard suit and tie for winter grooms. It’s also the perfect pick if you’re working with one of the moody jewel toned palettes that is so on-trend.

Color and Pattern: Using color and pattern is one of the best ways to express yourself on your big day! Burgundy and Royal Blue are the ‘it colors’ of 2019 and checks, tweeds and florals (especially floral ties) are the patterns to look out for.

Two Tone Tuxedos: I’ll always love a classic tux, but for an extra bit of personality, choose a contrasting lapel. Navy and black is an especially chic combination at the moment.

Let’s hear it for the boys!



Header image by Jose Villa Photography