Holiday Weekend Wedding Tips

holiday-weekend-weddingThe holiday weekend is quickly approaching (where did the summer go!?!). In honor of our last summer holiday, I wanted to share a few of my holiday weekend wedding tips. If you’re planning a Labor Day weekend wedding or a New Year’s Eve event, you’ll want to take into account the special situation that makes for guests – and use it as a positive to create an incredible event experience for all.

Check out a few of my tips for hosting a smashing holiday weekend wedding:

1. Give your guests lots of notice. It’s especially important to send a save-the-date when planning a party or wedding over a holiday weekend. Airline and hotel prices can go up and families often plan personal travel and vacation time so be sure to give your guests as much notice as possible so they can keep their costs down and their calendar clear for your big day.

2. Consider the traffic and timing. If you’re like us here in Los Angeles, the beach is the place to be on a holiday weekend. But if you’re hosting a Malibu wedding on a holiday, it means your guests are competing in that same traffic the beachgoers are in. Consider providing group transportation or shuttle buses to the destination to ensure everyone arrives on time and they’ll thank you for the ride too. You might also cushion your ceremony start time just a tad more than usual.

3. Plan for fireworks if you can. You might get lucky on your holiday weekend wedding and find there’s a free fireworks show in the area of your event. Time the cake cutting or other special moment to celebrate with fireworks from the city overhead. You’ll get a show guests might just think you planned personally.

4. Give a celebratory wedding welcome bag. If guests are traveling from out of town or you’re using this holiday weekend as a chance to get out of town for a destination wedding, theme your wedding welcome bag with a few festive elements that celebrate the holiday taking place. This can be done by color palette (think red, white and blue) or by theme (NYE’s glasses and noise makers). Give your guests something fun to celebrate with and you’ll get your holiday weekend wedding off to a great start.

Are you considering a holiday weekend wedding? Tell us your story!



Image by The Grovers.