How to Be the Best Wedding Guest

Being a good guest at a wedding involves showing respect, consideration, and courtesy towards the couple, their families, and other guests. Demonstrating this kind of etiquette goes a long way in showing love for the wedding couple. Here are some tips on how to be a good wedding guest:

RSVP on Time & Arrive on Time

Respond to the wedding invitation by the specified date, indicating whether you will attend or not.  Your friends are planning a big event and having the RSVPs on time helps them plan correctly for the event. Be punctual and arrive at the venue on time. Arriving late can be disruptive and draw attention away from the ceremony.

Follow Ceremony Etiquette

Be respectful during the ceremony. Turn off your phone, avoid talking, and don’t take photos unless it’s explicitly allowed. Often times, the couple has hired a professional photographer. There’s no need to take photos during the ceremony as the professional has it covered and taking your own photos can be distracting to the friends and family around you.

Respect Cultural or Religious Traditions and the Couple’s Wishes

If the wedding includes specific cultural or religious customs, be respectful and observant of these traditions. If the couple has specific requests or guidelines, such as an unplugged ceremony or a specific hashtag for photos, make sure to comply.

Dress Appropriately & Respectfully

Follow the dress code mentioned in the invitation. Avoid wearing anything that could upstage the couple or be considered inappropriate for a wedding. (In most cases, women should not wear white to a wedding.)

Gift Giving

Bring a thoughtful gift for the couple, whether it’s from the registry or something personal. If you can’t attend, consider sending a gift to the couple’s address.

Be Mindful of Seating Arrangements

Sit where you are assigned or choose a seat that makes sense in the context of your relationship with the couple and their families.

Participate in Activities and Mind your Alcohol Consumption

Participate in the celebration by dancing, mingling with other guests, and enjoying the festivities. Don’t isolate yourself or spend too much time on your phone. If alcohol is being served, drink responsibly. Excessive drinking can lead to inappropriate behavior and may be offensive to the hosts or members of the family.

Be Positive and Supportive and Thank the Hosts

Share in the joy of the day and offer your congratulations to the couple. Avoid negative or inappropriate comments. Express your gratitude to the hosts (typically the couple’s parents) for inviting you and for hosting the celebration.

Remember that the couple has spent a lot of time, energy and money organizing this beautiful event for their friends and family. Being a good wedding guest is about celebrating the couple’s special day with joy, respect, and consideration for others. Have the best time!



Images by Amy & Stuart Photography