How to Build the Perfect Summer Picnic Basket

One of the joys of summer is the beautiful sunny weather and sweet breeze. With this stunning season comes the ideal atmosphere to escape busy life and have a meal at the park, beach, or local nature hideaway. I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of a nice relaxing packed lunch or dinner with a beautiful backdrop. So, in honor of the nearing summer season, here are some tips for picnicking. From cuisine to necessities, here is how to build the perfect summer picnic basket.

Choose a Good Basket

When it comes to choosing a picnic basket, you need something sturdy but also light! You don’t want to be carrying a super heavy basket as you look for the perfect picnic spot. Along with this, don’t forget your picnic basket is the centerpiece of your day, so picking something that fits the vibe and aesthetic will make your picnic even more Instagrammable!

The most important part, however, is storage and capability. Pick something that can pack your food, but also offers the ability to keep it cool or warm, depending on what you pack.

Comfy Blanket

An important part of your basket is a comfy blanket! Sitting on something scratchy or uncomfortable for hours can absolutely ruin the mood of your day. The best bet is to pick something soft and comfy, but ruin your favorite blanket. Maybe leave the super luxurious all-white linens at home.

Plan Your Menu

Picnic food is absolutely up to preference, but there are certain types of food that are easiest to eat out and about, so here are a few recommendations.

Sandwiches and Salads: You can always enjoy a sandwich or salad on the go. Make your own, or take out from your favorite local shop, add it to your basket, and you’re ready to go.

Finger Foods: Anything that is easy to snack on is a great picnic option. Some potential options include stuffed mushrooms, quiche bites, various baked goods, and more.

Small Desserts: If you plan to have a long day out for a picnic, dessert may be an enjoyable extra to your snacks and meal. Mini cakes, cupcakes, danishes, tarts, and more make for adorable and delicious add-ons.

Beverages: Depending on the mood you’re in, a bottle of champagne or wine can make for a lovely treat for your picnic. However, sparkling cider or your favorite juice or soft drink are great alternatives.


Extra supplies are almost as important as food when it comes to a picnic because, without them, it can be much harder to enjoy your meal. You’ll need utensils, plates, napkins, condiments for the foods you pack, and accessories (like a corkscrew if you’re bringing a bottle with a cork). Plus, if you’re planning to have a charcuterie board, a cutting board and knife will be needed!

Safe and Fresh

One important piece to remember when packing is how to keep your food safe and fresh. Insulated bags for cold foods with ice packs and tinfoil wrapping to keep hot foods warm are essential. You might even want to consider the weather when making food and steer clear of dairy-based foods on hot summer days.


As a little extra cherry on top, add something to entertain at your picnic. Whether you want to relax and read a good book, play some cards, or even enjoy a nice game of frisbee, a little entertainment can make a great picnic even better.

What will you put in your perfect summer picnic basket? Remember, the most important part is to share time and space with someone you love or go for a solo picnic and have a day of self-care. And if going out for the day isn’t for you here are 9 ways to celebrate summer in your backyard.