How to Choose Your Same Sex Wedding Attire

Having some trouble deciding what to wear for your LGBTQ wedding? You’re not alone! These days, the sartorial ‘rules’ for both men and women at weddings have loosened up and while that provides a lot of freedom, it can also leave you wondering where to start. That’s especially true when you have two brides or two grooms to consider. Do you want to match? Look completely different? What’s the best way to look wedding-appropriate but still express your personal style? Here are some top same sex wedding attire tips!

Consider the dress code. The best place to start for all couples is with the wedding itself. What style is your venue? What season are you getting married in? Are guests expected to wear relaxed semi-formal or fancy black tie? Working out the dress code will immediately help you to narrow down your attire choices.

Perfect match. Matching outfits is an option many same sex couples choose. This is especially true for grooms, since it can be harder for two women to find a single dress shape that flatters them both equally. One of the benefits of matching is that once you’ve made a decision, you’re all set. Another is that it can be a strong visual presentation. And you don’t need to match completely! Perhaps wear a shared accessory, like matching flower crowns for brides or matching pocket squares for grooms.

Coordinating styles. Having complementary but not identical outfits is a great solution for a same sex wedding. It allows you to look cohesive but not match-y, and can actually be a lot of fun to put together. Grooms might decide to wear the same suit but in different colors from the same family. Consider contrasting fabrics, or wear shirts in complementary patterns. You can also mix up your accessories – neck tie for one and bow tie for the other, for example. The same suit but different accessories can be fun and still personal to each.

For ladies, you could pick two completely different dresses with a similar detail like lace sleeves or an illusion neckline, matching styles (for example, art deco inspired), or the same silhouette. Even a simple commonality can make the look cohesive, like a V-neckline or a birdcage veil. Bridal jumpsuits are particularly chic right now and they make a wonderful variation on tradition for one or both of you, especially in classic bridal white.

Opposites attract. Of course, your outfits don’t have to coordinate or match at all! You could also simply each choose an outfit that reflects your personal style. This works particularly well if you have very unique day-to-day looks. After all, you should feel like yourself on your wedding day! One of you might wear white and the other color, one a dress and the other separates, one long and the other short. Many LGBTQ couples also opt for a dress and tux combo, for a fresh take on ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ style.

Ultimately, the most important thing to remember is that this is your wedding day and you should both wear whatever makes you feel like a million bucks!