How to Design a Wedding Menu That Will Wow Your Guests

Let’s talk wedding menu ideas! When it comes to choosing the food you’ll serve at your reception, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to some tried and true classics. On the other hand, your wedding cuisine is another opportunity to infuse a bit of personality and pizzazz into your big day. Guests probably won’t remember the color of the napkins, but if they get to eat creative, satisfying meals, that’s something they won’t soon forget. Serving an amazing meal will ensure your wedding is a fan favorite! Here are some wow-worthy wedding menu ideas that will certainly make a big impression.

Make it personal. One of the best ways to make your menu unique is to serve foods you love as a couple. For example, if your first date was at a carnival, you could serve carnival-style canapés like gourmet corn dogs, popcorn and cotton candy. Or have milk and cookies as a midnight snack, using your grandma’s recipe. Like the rest of your wedding day, the food should pay homage to who you are and your life together.

Interactive stations. Having action stations at cocktail hour adds an extra bit of fun to any event! Food preparation becomes entertainment, as guests watch a chef shucking oysters, rolling sushi, slicing paper thin slices of prosciutto, tossing pizzas…the possibilities are endless! This interactive element also encourages guests to walk around and mingle and makes it more of an immersive experience instead of just a serving.

Destination dishes. Another of the wedding menu ideas that stands out is to serve food that tells a story about your wedding location. This is especially fitting for destination weddings. Whether it’s mini lobster rolls in Maine or a crostini station in Tuscany, giving your guests a taste of the local specialties will always go down well.

Mini comfort foods. There’s something about comfort foods that makes us feel warm and welcome. That makes them perfect for a happy guest experience, especially when served in fun ways and small sizes. Think little cones of chicken and waffles, grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters or adult milkshakes. The combination of nostalgia and unexpected presentation will delight your loved ones – just make sure there’s enough to go around!

Fun food and drink combos. Some snacks and sips are just made for each other. Serving guests both at the same time – especially in canapé size minis – makes for a fun culinary experience. For example, fish tacos paired with tiny margaritas or fish and chips with a shot of beer. Bacon and bourbon makes another delicious combination, as do oysters and Bloody Marys.

But you don’t have to get wildly creative to serve an amazing meal. When all else fails, think of foods you and your family like to eat and serve up accordingly. It doesn’t have to be fancy to be delicious. Sometimes too fancy in a group setting can just be too much.



Top image by Dennis Kwan