How to Say “No” to Wedding Gifts

Although we’re all about spreading love and understand the sentiment behind gifting, wedding shower gifts (or wedding gifts) might not be your “thing.” If the idea of it all overwhelms you, perhaps an alternative option would help. Here is how to say “no” to gifts for your wedding and bridal shower; plus, some alternatives!

Include a Note in Your Invitation

One way to ensure everyone is on the same page for gifting is to include a short blurb in your invitation about your gift preferences. This is absolutely something you can keep a bit lighthearted if you’re worried about saying no.

For example, a short line might sound like this: “The only gift we need is your presence. No gifts, please.” This adds a little more grace to your announcement. Or, if you’re opting to have guests donate to charity or do something else in lieu of gifts, include that in your invitation instead.

The Wedding Website

Wedding websites are a great way to keep your guests regularly up-to-date with everything they need to know for your big day, and gifts are no exception. Whether you include a tab on gifting or just a page on information for attending, this would be a great place to add a little “please, no gifts” note.

Tip: Make sure your gift preference is in a place everyone will see! Ensure all of your guests take a look at the website before attending.

Ask for Charitable Donations

Just saying “no” is one way to go about not receiving wedding gifts. However, there are also some meaningful alternatives if you’re looking to spread some good. This is where a charity (or charities) of your choice can get involved. If you have a cause you’re passionate about, you can opt to ask guests to make a charitable donation in lieu of wedding or shower gifts!

Include this in your wedding invitations and website, too! Specify a special charity or let your guests pick their own!

A Bit of Time

Completely going off the monetary path, time is also something valuable and meaningful. You can opt out of receiving gifts and instead, ask that your guests give a bit of their time to a charity of choice or do a good deed.

This could be something like helping out at a local food bank to pack or hand out food to those in need, or working with any other charitable cause that asks for volunteer help. You could even make this a fun group experience by choosing a day before the wedding for everyone to gather and give back together!

Wedding gifts aren’t for everyone and that is okay! Don’t be scared to say “no” or ask guests to do something charitable instead.