Key Wedding Bouquet Trends for 2022

There have been a lot of changes to weddings in the past few years, with many couples ditching tradition in favor of bold, unique ideas that reflect their tastes and personalities. And, of course, we also have challenges like supply chain issues that continue to affect the industry. But with all this, I’m happy to say that fresh flowers are still very much a part of 2022 weddings. And the bouquet is going nowhere! With that said, there are some fresh and fun bouquet trends that I’ve seen emerging this season. Here are the hottest wedding bouquet trends I’ve noticed for 2022. We’ll be seeing these well into 2023 and beyond!

Bright monochrome bouquets. This is one for the color lovers! Color blocking is a big trend in wedding florals at the moment (having already appeared in fashion and home décor). Now we’re seeing monochrome bouquets in different hues of the same bright and bold shades. So, for example, you might have a bouquet made up of various red flowers in different tones, with minimal filler or greenery. It’s a very chic, luxe look that really pops!

Muted earth tone bouquets. On the other end of the color scale, I’m seeing more couples choosing earthy colors for their flowers, including their bouquets. Think elegantly muted neutrals like caffe au lait, mocha, sand, taupe, cinnamon, and cream. The focus here is very much on creating depth with texture and unexpected elements. (For example, dried flowers, pods, or non-floral elements.)

Lily of the Valley bouquets. As a royal wedding fan, I could not love this trend more! I’m starting to see more brides carrying Lily of the Valley posy bouquets. They’re similar to the one chosen by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (as well as other wedding style icons like Grace Kelly). It’s a simple, classic look with a touch of glamour. However, it can be hard to achieve if you’re not planning a spring wedding. As an alternative, you could create a similar look using another delicate white bloom like Sweet Pea or Muscari.

Long stem bouquets. Seeing the re-emergence of this bouquet style is like a return to old-school romance. Instead of trimming stems, we’re seeing florists leave them extra long. This adds a sense of drama as brides carry them down the aisle. It’s a great way for an otherwise-traditional bride to make a statement with her personal florals and is an effective alternative to a cascade bouquet (which I’m also seeing grow in popularity again). Whether you choose classic long stem roses, tall stems like Tuberose and Gladioli, or even just a boho minimalist clutch of greenery or pampas grass, this is a bouquet style that definitely makes a statement.

Locally-grown flowers. While I don’t like referring to sustainability as a trend, since it’s more of a movement or mindset, we’re definitely seeing more couples taking green principles into account when choosing their bouquets in 2022. One of the main ways they’re making their bouquets more sustainable (while also coping with floral supply issues) is to choose seasonal, locally-grown flowers and foliage. Where brides long to include a specific bloom that may not be readily available, I’m seeing them opt for eco alternatives to shipping them in, such as silk or cotton flowers.

Groom’s bouquets. Flowers aren’t just for the girls! I’ve loved seeing more grooms choosing to carry a bouquet, usually at same sex weddings where couples are more willing to throw the rule book out of the window. The more blooms the better, I say!

Will you be following any of these 2022 wedding bouquet trends when you walk down the aisle?


Image by Jose Villa