Mindy Weiss MasterClass

Mindy Weiss Announces MasterClass Session on Wedding Planning

Mindy Weiss MasterClassHi brides and grooms. I’ve got big news. You’ve already made the most exciting decision – to get married! You’ve said yes, and now I’ve got a new way to get you to “I do!”

I’m here to help YOU! Help you to make the rest of those fun decisions, from veils to cakes and everything in between. I’m teaching you how to plan your wedding, with me by your side.

I’m excited to announce my new Session available exclusively on MasterClass. In my session, you’ll craft every personalized detail of your celebration in 30 days—without blowing your budget.MasterClass Mindy Weiss

Why wait? Let’s get started. In my session, you’ll get insider access to:

Section 1: Make Your Plan
First, we’ll define your priorities, together.

Section 2: Determine Your Budget
Then, you’ll itemize your budget using my unique cost-saving spreadsheet.

Section 3: Craft Your Guest List
Next, you’ll define your guest list using my tried-and-true ABC process.

Section 4: Choose Your Venue
On to the venue! You’ll choose your ideal location and lock in your date.

Section 5: Hire Your Team
Throughout this section, you’ll hire your photographer, videographer, hair/makeup, entertainment, and beyond.

Section 6: Choose Your Attire
Next up: fashion. You’ll plan out everyone’s attire using my special style checklist.

Section 7: Send Out Invites
Before you know it, you’ll be writing, designing, and sending out your invitations.

Section 8: Plan Your Ceremony
Then, you’ll craft every element of your ceremony. (We will not forget the vows!)

Section 9: Pick Your Menu
Next, you’ll tackle food and drink, keeping in mind all the money-saving tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years.

Section 10: Design Your Day
Then, it’ll be time to pick your color palette, florals, linens, and candle choices to really set the mood for your big day.

Section 11: Draft Your Floor Plan
Here, we’ll draw out your reception floor plan and develop your seating chart.

Section 12: Prepare Your Schedule
Finally, you’ll create a detailed checklist and schedule so you’ll be prepared for any surprises that pop up on the big day.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and plan your big day? Come join me on MasterClass and get ready to plan your dream wedding. I love, love, love teaching and of course, planning weddings so I hope you’ll have fun following along with me. Happy planning! Learn more at MasterClass.com/Mindy.