Why Mustard Yellow is 2019’s Hottest Color and How to Use it in Your Wedding

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Architectural Digest about some of my recent events and how many of my clients are starting to experiment with bright, vibrant color schemes. I LOVE color and I always have such fun playing with new palettes and hues! One of my current faves? Mustard yellow.

In fact, golden yellows are having a real moment right now in fashion, interiors and design, in shades from marigold to mango to turmeric. Yellow is bold, eye-catching, even sassy. It demands attention, but in this beautiful mustard hue, it’s also happy, sunny and comforting. It combines modern and retro appeal and is both dynamic and sophisticated.

Mustard is definitely on the rise in the party world and it’s perfect for incorporating into a summer wedding. However, because it’s a bold color, you also need to use it carefully for the best effect. Here are some of my top tips for incorporating mustard yellow into your wedding.

A little goes a long way. Mustard is the kind of color that you can use sparingly and still make a statement. For example, pops of yellow in your centerpieces or on the tables will look fabulous without being overwhelming. Pairing mustard with muted tones and softer neutrals like grey, taupe, clay and crisp white also allows it to stand out.

Concentrated color. Another approach with mustard is to go all out, but keep it in a concentrated space. For example, I’m creating a whole lounge area in mustard yellow for one of our clients, accented by flowers in bright, tropical colors. Limiting the color to a lounge makes for an amazing feature space without being too much overall.

Unexpected combinations. One of the best things about mustard is that it can really surprise you. As a rich, matte color, it adds depth to both summer and winter shades. For example, mustard looks wonderful paired with millennial pink and burgundy, with sage, taupe and grey, or alongside orange and a rich, dusky blue. Play around with several shades and you may find your perfect palette!

Break up color with texture or pattern. One of the tricks to using any bright color is to break it up with patterns or strong textures. For example, floral prints or even blue china patterns. Experiment with table linens and both modern and vintage vessels to find a look you love.

What’s the verdict? Do you think mustard yellow is as yummy as I do?



Header image by Braedon Photography via PartySlate