New Year, New Wedding Ideas for 2021

Wedding trends are an ever-changing landscape. Just like the fashion runways, wedding design is influenced by everything from art and technology to current events. Yes – even a pandemic! As we find ourselves in a new year, it’s time to take a look at the new wedding ideas for 2021. Some have been born out of necessity, as we continue to adapt events to make them safer and adhere to COVID-19 regulations. Others – like the resurgence I’m seeing in big, bright, bold color palettes – are all about creating a sense of vibrancy and fun that is so welcome right now.

Here are five of my top trends and new wedding ideas for 2021.

Welcome boxes. Of course, welcome gifts for guests are nothing new. These have been a popular feature of destination weddings, especially, for some time. But with social distancing requiring less guest interaction, we’re re-imagining elements like communal baskets or escort card displays. Enter the wedding welcome box! For 2021, couples are providing their guests with beautiful, curated welcome boxes. Presented on arrival or delivered ahead of time, they contain all the info they need, alongside Coronavirus essentials like masks and hand sanitizer, and fun favor items. Not only are they great for safety, but they help to create a luxurious guest experience. And the new welcome box also works for guests who may be joining the party virtually! Mail those attending by Zoom a celebration box ahead of time with cute items like custom cocktail kits and party playlists.

Enhanced entertainment experiences. Because dancing may be limited, couples are shifting their focus to live wedding entertainment. Live bands are of course top of the list, but other performance-based options include stand-up comedians, dancers, aerialists, live artists – even synchronized swimmers! There are so many incredible opportunities for unique, immersive entertainment throughout the wedding day. And not only will they make the day extra memorable for your guests, but you’ll often be supporting local artists and performers who have taken a hit during 2020.

Non-traditional bridal fashion. I’ve long been a fan of non-traditional bridal choices like jumpsuits or colored gowns. For 2021, these are going even bolder and more versatile. As brides adapt to having multiple wedding events (for example, a minimony and then sequel wedding or party), they’re taking an integrated approach to their wardrobe and considering more ready-to-wear options. A simple gown might be perfect for an elopement now and a rehearsal dinner later, for example. A statement bold yellow dress or chic jumpsuit for a minimony might double up as afterparty fashion with a change in accessories. It’s all about making wise fashion choices that maximize your wedding dress budget. And not being afraid to have fun and be yourself!

Individualized catering. One of the biggest areas where COVID-19 safety has had an impact is on wedding catering. As a result, I’m seeing so many creative and exciting new wedding ideas for 2021! For example, darling mini cheese or charcuterie boards that can either be one-per-guest or shared between a couple. Little picnic baskets and bento boxes are another option, as are self-contained appetizers during cocktail hour. Drinks have gone the same way, with signature cocktails in customized bottles or cans. (Don’t forget to include an option for non-drinkers if you do this.)

Lavish floral installations. As a wedding planner, I’ve helped my clients create some incredible floral displays and they never fail to get a reaction from guests! This year, guest lists may be smaller, but flowers are going even bigger and bolder. It’s not only beautiful, it’s also a great trick to make a larger space feel more intimate with fewer guests! As in 2020, these displays are likely to include non-traditional floral options like dried flowers and foliage that can be painted, bleached, or left lush and natural.

Of course, wedding trends come and go. The most important part of creating your wedding design is making choices that resonate with you as a couple. Which of these new wedding ideas for 2021 are your faves?


Image by Amy and Stuart Photography