New Year’s Eve at home

How to Make New Year’s Eve at Home Special

After months of lockdowns and virtual celebrations, 2020 is set to end in the same way as it’s gone on. That is, with New Year’s Eve at home! If you’re a regular NYE partier then this will be disappointing. But here’s the good news: a New Year’s Eve at home doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, there are lots of ways to make an at-home celebration festive and fun, without any of the FOMO. Whether you’ll kick off 2021 with a small group at home or over Zoom, it can still be a countdown to remember. Here are some of the best ways to spend the last hours of 2020!

Hit the dance floor. Just because you’re spending New Year’s Eve at home doesn’t mean you can’t get your dancing shoes on! Put on your sparkliest party dress (or just your comfiest pajamas and slippers). Then turn down the lights and have a dance party right in your living room! If you’re joining in with friends via Zoom, create a group playlist on Spotify with all your favorite tunes. Then boogie the night away together!

Make it a game night. Games are always a great way to pass the time as a group at home (or via Zoom!). Whether it’s classic board games like Monopoly or Scrabble, childhood faves such as Twister, Jenga, or charades, app-based games, or lively drinking games for an adult crowd, it’s sure to be loads of fun and laughter for everyone involved.

Have a champagne tasting. What would New Year’s Eve be without champagne! A tasting provides a fun twist and best of all is just easy to organize virtually as it is in person. Buy a few bottles of different sparkling wines and compare tasting notes as you sip. Or you can buy pre-made collections like this one and have them delivered ahead of time to everyone in the group.

Watch a New Year’s Eve-themed movie. A movie night is always a great idea, and there are loads of NYE films to enjoy. Some classics include: When Harry Met Sally, While You Were Sleeping, Ghostbusters 2, Trading Places, Ocean’s 11 (the original version), The Age of Adeline, About Time, and of course, New Year’s Eve. You can also share the experience with those who you can’t see in person via Netflix virtual party.

Light a sparkler! The easiest way to spark joy (literally)! Sparklers add an air of excitement and are loved by revelers young and old. Whatever else you decide to do for the night, be sure to pick up some sparklers. Light them during the countdown or add them as a festive finishing touch to dessert. They also make for great photos, if you’re looking for a way to ring in the new year on your Instagram feed!

However you end up spending your New Year’s Eve at home, here’s wishing you a wonderful night and a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!