Packing List for Your Wedding Day

packing-list-for-wedding-dayYour wedding day will fly by! It will come and go in a flash after so much time and preparation leading up to it. Be prepared on your big day by setting aside all the things you need, well in advance. Of course there’s your dress, your rings and your vows, but be sure to remember those extra special details that make your look and your album picture-perfect too.

Here are a few easy-to-forget (but don’t!) wedding day details to pack with you before you arrive to wed.

1. Your attire, obviously! Your dress, suit, tuxedo, veil, headpieces, undergarments, shoes, socks, buttons, cufflinks, anything you plan to wear that day.

2. Your favorite skincare, moisturizer, perfume or other essential you can’t live without. Any pre-wedding hair and makeup routine you would do at home, plan to do here.

3. Your invitations and wedding day details. As these goods start to arrive, set aside a set of everything (or two!) and ask your photographer to capture the details in a staged environment on the wedding day. This way, you ensure nothing you put your heart into gets missed!

4. Your something old, borrowed, new and blue. If you’re participating in this tradition, don’t forget to pack each item to dress with on the wedding day.

5. The marriage license. Make sure you make it official and bring the proper documents to the church, temple or ceremony site to tie the knot legally too!

6. Your wedding rings. If you just got them cleaned and perhaps have them boxed up for safe keeping, be sure to grab the boxes before you go.

7. Gifts or cards for each other (and others). A recent tradition is to gift your spouse something special on the wedding day while they are getting ready. This could be as simple as a sentimental card. Don’t forget to bring these to the getting ready site and give them to your wedding planner or maid of honor and best man to exchange. And be sure to bring your bridesmaid, groomsmen, flower girl and ring bearer gifts too, as well as anything you might be giving your parents.

8. Gratuities and thank you cards for others. It’s customary to tip certain team members on the wedding day, like your photographers and banquet captain, among others you see fit. Plan to write these notes in advance and fill the envelopes with tips for the people you’d like to thank. Give these to your wedding planner or a parent to distribute at the end of the evening.

9. Your wedding night essentials. Obviously when hosting a destination wedding, these goodies will be packed away ahead of time. But if you’re getting married in your hometown, you’ll want your overnight bag ready to go too. Any lingerie you were gifted at your shower and the usual essentials you use at bedtime and the next morning shouldn’t be forgotten.

10. An emergency kit (or ask if your wedding planner has one). Accidents happen, essentials like fashion tape or a needle and thread can come in handy. If you’re working with an experienced wedding planner, chances are they’ll have all the essentials you need. If not, come prepared, hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

And before you pack, write it all down! Creating a running packing list for your wedding day will help ensure you don’t miss a single item you’ve planned for the big day.



Image by Donna Newman.