All the People to Plan Gifts for on Your Wedding Day

gifts-for-your-wedding-partyAs a bride or groom, you’ve probably become accustomed to receiving lots of lovely gifts from friends and family lately. Whether it be off your wedding registry or a sweet honeymoon surprise at your bridal shower, this year is filled with kind contributions to your lives and home from the people that love you most. But come wedding day, it’s time to give in return to all of those who have stood by you up until this point. Don’t forget all the people to plan gifts for on your wedding day! We’ve outlined your short list so you don’t arrive empty handed. Show them you care with a gift that expresses your gratitude, add a personal note and tell your loved ones how loved they!

Bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts.

Say thanks to the men and women that will stand by your side as you tie the knot. These gifts are usually given as you get ready for the wedding and often reflect the theme or colors of the celebration. You can give something they would wear that day or something personalized to last a lifetime!

Flower girl and ring bearer gifts.

Don’t forget the kids in your wedding party too. Be sure to gift your little loves a memento they’ll cherish too.

Gifts for people in your ceremony.

While not expected, it is nice to also gift anyone helping during the ceremony with something sweet. If you have a friend acting as your officiant, a gift is appropriate. You might even give your readers or ushers a token of your appreciation. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to make them feel appreciated and special.

Gifts for your spouse.

Don’t forget to gift your spouse something before the ceremony. Usually this is delivered via your wedding planner or maid of honor or best man. Send it to their getting ready room, include a sentimental card and a gift that’s just as personal. You might want to discuss this prior to the wedding day so both of you know and remember to participate in this tradition and perhaps consider setting a budget too. After all, you did just get rings for one another too.

Your parents.

If parents are paying for the wedding, a nice gift of thanks is appropriate. But even if your parents aren’t participating in the wedding financially, many couples opt to get their parents and future in-laws something to say thanks for raising me and the man/woman of my dreams!


If you’re hosting a destination wedding, plan a welcome gift, welcome bags or in-room amenity to show your gratitude for how far they’ve traveled to celebrate with you. A personalized note and a weekend itinerary is also welcomed. If you’re getting married at home, sending something nice to the hotel rooms for the guests that have flown in to be with you is also nice.

Wedding favors.

At the end of your wedding celebration, say thanks to everyone! Give a parting gift to all who attended and participated in the festivities. This can be edible, personal, or something sentimental and specific to your celebration. The treat choice is up to you!

Gratuities for your team members.

Before the last candle burns out, be sure to say thanks to all the vendors and wedding professionals that helped make the magic happen. Planning ahead with a few envelopes of cash to tip team members has become common practice. This includes anyone from your photographer, DJ, banquet captain or officiant. Anyone that has provided you a wonderful service, consider saying thanks. A personal note of gratitude goes a long way with it too!

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